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WWW Wednesday ~ 5/23/12

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

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• What are you currently reading?
A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith

The Bout of Books Read-a-Thon was so much fun but now that it is over I'm taking it a little slower with my reading and getting caught up on things that I neglected last week. 

This book is about a 33 year old woman who takes a trip and traces the footsteps of Jane Austen.  I thought it was fiction before I started it but it is actually a non-fiction about the author's experience.  I'm really enjoying it so far.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Book #1:
Shades of Earl Grey (Tea Shop, Bk 3)

"Shades of Earl Grey"  Tea Shop Mystery Book 3
Author:  Laura Childs
Rating: 3/5 (These are cozy mysteries.  This one was better than Book 2.  I have one more on my shelf then I'll decide if I want to read any further in the series.)

Theo is mingling with the cream of Charleston society at the engagement soirée of the season. But as they eagerly await the dazzling young couple's arrival, the groom meets with a freak accident. The exquisite wedding ring -- a family heirloom from the crown of Marie Antoinette -- is mysteriously missing. Theodosia suspects that trouble is brewing. But when she goes to the authorities, they treat her like she's been reading tea leaves -- and that's the surest way to put Theodosia's kettle on the boil...  
Book #2:
Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (Duke's Daughters, Bk 2) (Windham, Bk 5)

"lady Maggie's Secret Scandal" The Dukes Daughter's Book 2
Author: Grace Burrowes
Rating: 4/5 (I don't usually read this type of book very often anymore.  There was a time that I read one after the other and they just kinda got to be the same after a while.  The story was very good but ended up taking second place to the "love" scenes.)

Lady Maggie Windham has secrets and she's been perfectly capable of keeping them -- until now.  When she's threatened with exposure, she turns to investigator Benjamin Hazlit to keep catastrophe at bay.  But Maggie herself intrigues Benjamin more than the riddle she's set him to solve.  As he uncovers more and more of her past, Maggie struggles to keep him at a distance, until they both begin to discover the truth in their hearts...  

Book #3:
Love on the Line

"Love on the Line"
Author:  Deeanne Gist
Rating:  5/5  (Deeanne Gist never disappoints me!  I loved this book.  I don't think of birds or our modern conveniences quite the same way anymore.  lol)
In 1904 Texas Ranger Luke Palmer arrives in Brenham, Texas, with one goal--to capture the gang of outlaws led by Frank Comer. Undercover as a telephone repairman, he uses his days on the range to search, not realizing there's another pair of eyes watching him.

Georgie Gail, switchboard operator and birder, heads out on a birding expedition, but instead of sighting a painted bunting, her opera glasses capture her telephone man, armed and far away from telephone lines. Palmer is forced to take this alluring troublemaker into his confidence and unwittingly puts her in harm's way. The closer he comes to the gang, the further she works her way into his heart--and into trouble. Soon it's more than just love that's on the line. 
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Design on a Crime (Deadly Decor, Bk 1)

If I have to take a guess, "Design on a Crime" will probably be my next read.  I'm a huge fan of HGTV and love watching all the design shows.  I'm hoping this will be a great read and then I'll get more of the series.
Have a great Wednesday!



  1. A Walk with Jane Austen looks great :)

  2. The Jane Austen book looks interesting. Thank you for dropping by earlier.

  3. A Walk With Jane Austen sounds really interesting. Thanks for visiting!

    My WWW.

  4. Very interesting books and I love the cover of Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Valerie @ Intriguing Reads

  5. Hi Colletta!
    A great mix of books for you this week, happy reading! :)

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  6. Some interesting reads there. I think I'll recommend Love on the Line to my wife. She says she's read too many depressing books lately and this one look more like fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy reading!


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