Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Say NO ~ 3 on Thursday ~ 5/24/12

3 on Thursday

Cole from "All the Small Stuff" and Andrea from "My Chihuahua Bites" are hosting linky that asks a fun question every Thursday.  Make sure you follow their blogs so you can get the question ahead of time and have your answers ready!

This week's topic is:

"What are 3 things you will never do?"

Oh, boy!  They say "Never say never" but here goes:

1.  Smoke.  Never, ever!  Yuck!

No Smoking

2.  Touch a snake of my own free will.  No way!  No how!

Image Detail


3.  Pose for Playboy.   For everyone's sake....


So what about you?  What are 3 things you would never do?

Please leave a comment or write a blog post and link up with Cole and Andrea.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Those are good ones. I would never willingly jump out of a plane that is not crashing or on fire.

  2. lol i agree with #1 and #3 but i would touch a snake... a harmless one.

  3. I agree with all three of your answers! Great list!

  4. Great list! I would never pose for Playboy either---for many reasons. Of course, I couldn't handle the laughter!

  5. pose for playboy! ha! you are too funny!


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