Sunday, January 30, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 1/31/2022

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday!

The weather outside is:

I.  Can't.  Wait.  For.  Spring.

On today's to-do list: 

Hello (almost) February!  Only one more day and we'll have made it through January 2022!

On my list for today is cleaning, making phone calls and recuperating from the weekend and not sleeping at the Lock-In Friday night.  I think the kids had fun :)

Happening this week:

Laken's 15th Birthday is Wednesday.  How can she be 15 year old already?  My little buddy has grown up but still needs her Mommy.  It might be that I still need her too!  She would like to make a rainbow cake with all 7 layers!  Laken always likes to make her own birthday cake.

Friday Night With Friends is this week so I'm looking forward to that.

The hubby is on second shift, my least favorite.

Currently reading:

I'm reading "Her Unsuitable Match" by Sally Britton.  I only have about 100 pages left so I should have time to get the review written for Tuesday's post which is my goal.

On the TV:

Hawkeye (disney+)
The Eternals (marvel)
Jungle Cruise

Listening to:

This week for "Songs on Sunday" I featured "In the House" by Crowder.  I hope you'll check it out :) 

On the menu today:

Weiner Winks, Homemaker French Fries, Corn, Apples with Peanut Butter.

In the Craft Basket:

I  decided to go ahead and participate in the "Sweet Dreams" sew along by Pat Sloan at .  I finished the first block called "Brownie Love".  I have some catching up to do.

Picture from the Camera

Memory Verse

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

Have a great Monday!


Songs on Sunday ~ In The House by Crowder

Can't help celebrating being born again!!!

Enjoy :)


Saturday, January 29, 2022

One Monthly Goal ~ January 2022 ~ Did I Finish?

 Come join this awesome motivational link up hosted by Elm Street Quilts!


My OMG for January 2022 was to finish the blue Fall Frolic quilt top that I'm making for my Mom.  I decided to call it Mom's Blue and White Quilt :)

I had 6 of the blocks already pieced.  I first had to piece the last 3 blocks.  Then I needed to piece the settings and border.

And the quilt top was finished with time to spare :)

Now to hand quilt the top!


Sewing Saturday ~ 1/29/2022 ~ Brownie Love

I'm going to be featuring my sewing, crocheting and crafting projects on Saturdays.  Some weeks this will include a finished project, a FNSI or FNWF or just a WIP.


I decided that I am going to go ahead and join in the Pat Sloan sew-along called "Sweet Dreams".  I picked the following fabrics to use back before Christmas when I got the fabric for 50% off!  whoohooo!

The first block is called "Brownie Love".  Each block name will be featuring something sweet but the block pattern will NOT be literal.  It took me a while to decide my fabric placement.

After finally deciding what fabric I wanted to use in this block and where, it was easy-peasy to sew up.  Pat has such great patterns and directions!

And here is the final block.  I still have 3 blocks to piece in order to catch-up by Wednesday when the new block releases, but I'm in no rush.  One at a time :)

You can find the pattern at .


Thursday, January 27, 2022

My Weekly Bookishness ~ 1/28/2022

All things bookish!

What I Read:

You can read my REVIEW HERE!


What I'm Reading:


He carries the burden of his mistakes.

The wounds on Jason Gonzalez’s body are nothing compared to the ones on his heart. The former Marine avoids getting close to anyone new, especially his gorgeous next-door neighbor. Until he hears a scream coming from her house in the middle of the night.

Her enemies are too numerous to count.

Addison Foster escaped an abusive marriage and has become an advocate for others. When an intruder breaks into her home and nearly kills her, Addison is rescued by an unlikely protector. But the threats against her aren’t over and she needs help.

Danger around every corner.

Jason makes it his mission to keep Addison safe, but keeping her out of his heart proves impossible. As the threats increase, there’s no room for mistakes. Will his calculated risk pay off or will it end in tragedy?

First Lines:

Her cell phone rang.

Addison Foster glanced at the clock on her computer, concern rippling through her.

56%/Page 56

"Threatening me won't help prove your innocence.  You need to leave me alone"


What I'll (Probably) Read Next:


In an unforgettable love story, a woman’s impossible journey through the ages could change everything…

Anne Gallagher grew up enchanted by her grandfather’s stories of Ireland. Heartbroken at his death, she travels to his childhood home to spread his ashes. There, overcome with memories of the man she adored and consumed by a history she never knew, she is pulled into another time.

The Ireland of 1921, teetering on the edge of war, is a dangerous place in which to awaken. But there Anne finds herself, hurt, disoriented, and under the care of Dr. Thomas Smith, guardian to a young boy who is oddly familiar. Mistaken for the boy’s long-missing mother, Anne adopts her identity, convinced the woman’s disappearance is connected to her own.

As tensions rise, Thomas joins the struggle for Ireland’s independence and Anne is drawn into the conflict beside him. Caught between history and her heart, she must decide whether she’s willing to let go of the life she knew for a love she never thought she’d find. But in the end, is the choice actually hers to make?


Book Haul:




Book Blogger Hop:

Q.   Have you ever attended a book signing? If so, who was the author? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

A.  No, I have never attended a book signing but I would LOVE to.  I live in the middle of nowhere, though...  Not much goes on around here!


Bookishly Yours,

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Good Stuff ~ 1/27/2022


~The Good and the Bad...Sometimes!  We got Laken's biopsy results and they are all normal!!!  We're still waiting on the allergy results.  We no sooner got the good news than Laken tested positive for COVID :(  The hubby and I both had symptoms also so were told to assume we were positive and quarantine.  Which we did willingly.  We're all perking up now and on the mend :)

~Dahlia!  Dahlia, Kaylee and Shawn's Great Dane pup, is growing like a weed!  I hadn't seen her for a few weeks (quarantine and all that) so I was shocked to see how much she has sprouted when Kaylee sent me a few pictures.  Look at those legs! :)

~Salted Caramel Butterscotch Candle!  Need I say more?  I'm so glad my sense of smell is back :)

~Smores!  Who says you can't have smores in the Winter?  Laken was craving smores, so smores she got.  She toasted her marshmallows over the cookstove fire in the kitchen.   So glad she's feeling better :)

What has you thankful/smiling/exited this week?  Tell me all the good stuff! 


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Blogging Challenge ~ Best Book, Movie or TV Show from 2021 ~ 1/26/2022

This week's topic is:  

Best Book, Movie or TV Show From 2021:

I think I'm going to pick Best MOVIE from 2021 to share about today.

And that would be...


Here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure and in case you aren't familiar with this Disney movie:

Since this move came to Disney+, we've watched it countless times already.

The music is tremendously addicting!  I even read somewhere that "We Don't Talk About Bruno" has surpassed "Let It Go!" from Frozen.  Don't know if this is true but it is pretty catchy!

I also love the family aspect of this movie.  They have to work together as a family to accomplish their goals.  Great life lesson!

What do you think was the best movie of 2021?  


Book Review ~ To Love A Prince by Rachel Hauck


Title:  To Love A Prince by Rachel Hauck
Series:  True Blue Royal #1
Pages:  352
Date Published:  August 11, 2020
Publisher:  Hauck House


Daffodil Caron is not a princess, even though she once dreamed of being one. After all, she grew up as a playmate to royal princes, running through the halls of Perrigwynn Palace and dining with the queen. But the day she stumbled upon a royal secret, everything changed.

Flash forward eighteen years, and Daffy’s living a sweet, non-royal life. A skilled art curator for the Royal Trust, she has friends, a flat in the heart of the city, and a handsome, successful fiancĂ©e. The last person on her mind is Gus, a prince she once called her best mate.

HRH Prince Augustus is no longer “Prince Pudgy,” as caricaturized by the press, he’s charming and gorgeous, possessing a world-famous smile. But when he’s jilted at the altar by an American heiress as millions of people around the world watched, the spare heir to Lauchtenland’s ancient House of Blue escapes, finding solace on a Florida beach.

A year as a regular bloke allows him to rethink his purpose. He’s half decided his calling is to pour pints at a tiki bar, rather than serving his country and the Family.

Until an accident on the beach with a Frisbee changes his course.

Despite his long hair and beard, Daffy recognizes her prince, and their childhood friendship is renewed. She assures Gus Lauchtenland needs him, giving him the courage to return home.

When Daffy and Gus find themselves on assignment to Hadsby Castle in preparation for his brother’s wedding, their friendship blooms into affection.

But Gus cannot, will not, trust his heart again. Daffy’s engaged. And she also remains a royal family outcast because she knows the Queen’s secret.

When affection grows into love and secrets are exposed, trust is destroyed. Gus must choose which is stronger: the lies of his past or the hope of his future. And Daffy must face every fear to prove she will forever love a prince.
My Thoughts:
I'm not really sure where I want to start with this review.  I guess, I'll start by mentioning that this book is "almost" a sequel to "The Fifth Avenue Story Society" which I loved.  It tells the story of Prince Gus, the man Coral left standing at the alter.

I enjoyed the storyline of this novel but for some reason it fell a little flat in the middle.  Daffy and Gus had already professed their love for one another and I just wondered where else the story could possibly go.

From there it became more about the House of Blue than Daffy and Gus.  Secrets where told and conflict did arise but not quite enough for me.  Maybe I was just in the mood for more suspense.

Emmanuel and Adelaide were fun characters in the story as well as Ernst with his abbreviated English.  

I'm glad I read this story but I'm not sure if I'll continue with the series.

I downloaded this book from Kindle Unlimited.

Onto the next book!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 1/24/2022

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday!

The weather outside is:

Cold.  Yet, sunny.  Go figure.

On today's to-do list: 

I'm changing up my weekly routine.  I've changed basically everyday except for the weekends which are basically family time and Church.  I'm going to try cleaning on Mondays and getting groceries on Thursdays.  Back in the day, I always went for groceries on Thursday as it was (and still is) payday.  I really don't know why I switched to Monday.  As for cleaning on Monday, the place definitely needs it after having everyone home over the weekend and basically taking the weekend off of daily routines.  I'll see how it goes.

Happening this week:

COVID struck the house last Wednesday.  We'll be finishing up our recuperation and quarantine this week.

Laken's biopsies came back normal!  Thank God!  We still have to hear back from the allergy tests they did though.  She's had a rough go of it this past week with her normal stomach problems plus COVID.  Poor girl :(

We'll be out of quarantine just in time for the Youth Group Lock-In on Friday evening/night that Laken has been SOOO looking forward to.  Hopefully she'll be fully recovered and can have a great time.

Currently reading:

I'm reading "To Love a Prince" by Rachel Hauck, the first in a series called True Blue Royal.  So far I'm really enjoying it.  I can't wait to find out more about the mysterious Emmanuel who seems timeless.

On the TV:

Hawkeye (disney+)
Ghostbusters Movie Marathon

Listening to:

This week for "Songs on Sunday" I featured "Relate" by For King and Country.  I hope you'll check it out :) 

On the menu today:

Pork Chops, Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli, Oranges

In the Craft Basket:

I haven't work on much from the craft basket this week.  I just didn't feel up to it.  I wanted to get the Mom's Blue and White Quilt sandwiched and pinned but crawling around on the floor to pin it just didn't happen.  Hopefully I'll get it ready to quilt this week.

Picture from the Camera

This is our grand-dog Dahlia.  She's getting so big!

Memory Verse

"For thou wilt light my candle; the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness."
Psalm 18:28

Have a great Monday!


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Songs on Sunday ~ Relate by For King and Country

I think we can all relate!

Enjoy :)


Friday, January 21, 2022

Sewing Saturday ~ 1/22/2022

I'm going to be featuring my sewing, crocheting and crafting projects on Saturdays.  Some weeks this will include a finished project, a FNSI or FNWF or just a WIP.


I did it!  I finished the Fall Frolic by Pat Sloan (Mom's Blue and White Quilt) top!

I didn't think I would get it done this month as I had 4 blocks to piece and then the sashing to cut and piece.

Then I had the taxing job of putting it all together and wrestling with the bulky top.

I love how it turned out!

My goal for the Friday Night Sew In is to get the quilt top sandwiched and pinned so that I can start hand quilting.

However, COVID has hit our house and I don't know if I'll feel like crawling around on the floor to pin it.  It might have to wait until I'm feeling much better.

I'm excited to have the flimsy done though :)