Monday, May 7, 2012

Mani-Monday ~ 5/7/12

hosted by Heather and Heather

This past week was a mani/pedi week!  Yay!

From now on I'm going to take my own polish when I get a mani or pedi.  I can't even make it out of the salon and to my car with messing my nails up.  It makes me so mad!  It helps to know that I have the polish and can fix it up if I need to.

I let Laken pick what color to take with me.  She picked this new orange color that I bought for a couple bucks at the Dollar General.

I know this is a little blurry, but I wanted to show you that this color is indeed called:  "" by Wet-n-Wild  

For some reason, this amused me :)

Here's a peep at my toes.  I really like this color.  I thought it would be a bit darker but actually like how it turned out.  (Look at my short, stubby toes!)

Here is Laken's mani for the week.  Done by Me.

It is a clear glitter polish called "Party of Five Glitters".  It is Wet-n-Wild from the Dollar General also.  We're not picky.

She loved her little glitter fingers.
Kaylee didn't get a mani this week.  She was busy playing softball, going to school camp, playing the kindle etc.

So there you have our nails for the week.  What do your's look like?

Its just another Mani-Monday!


  1. That's such a pretty orange! I'm visiting from Mani Monday,meant wait to see more manis!

  2. Such a great color, and I love the mini mani ;)

    Thanks for linking up with Mani Monday - be sure to come back next week, we have a fabulous giveaway planed ;)

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

  3. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment today! LOVE the name Laken and your nails!

  4. How cute is that glitter nail polish on her? I'm stopping by from Mani Monday and just became a new follower.

  5. Wow! I like the colors! And thank you for stopping by!



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