Monday, June 28, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ Entertainment ~ 6/29/2021

Head over to Tuesday's Place for the questions and to visit everyone's answers!

1. Do you have an actor or actress whose movies you hate to miss?

Not really anymore although I do enjoy Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

2. Is there a movie or TV program you could watch over and over again?

"The Sound of Music", "Braveheart", "The Patriot", "King and I".  All good ones!

3. Do you have a list of books or magazines you are hoping to read over the summer? Would you share it with us?  Bonus: do you make a cuppa something or a snack when you read?

I have a full Kindle Unlimited account of 10 books that I'd like to get to if I ever find time to read this summer.  We've been so busy that I've not even picked up my Kindle in weeks!  Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice :)  I try not to snack when I read because it can become mindless eating and before I know it I've gone overboard.

4.  What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I mostly listen to Contemporary Christian music, but when the mood strikes I do enjoy Country.


Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 6/28/2021

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday!

The weather outside is:

Whooweee!!!!  Look at those temps finally coming up!  At least for the first part of the week...

On today's to-do list: 

My Monday is going to be pretty normal.  Annalea will be coming to hang out with me and we'll be going for groceries.

Laken and Dex would like to go to my brother's house to swim since it is going to be HOT!  So, we might head down there in the evening.

Happening this week:

Laken is back from Ocean City, MD and ready to jump in to Volleyball open gyms on Tuesday and Thursdays.  We got her a new pair of knee pads and she is all set.

Kaylee is getting adjusted to working night shift.  I think!

The hubby works night shift for 3 nights this week and is then off until July 6th at 3pm.

My Dad's birthday is Saturday so we'll be celebrating his 74th.  I just realized that he'll be 75 years old next year.  Maybe a birthday party will be in order!

Currently reading:

I still want to try to finish "Aloha Hideaway Inn" by Elana Johnson.  I haven't been reading but REALLY want to.  I miss it.  I hope Summer slows down a bit soon!

On the TV:

Hot Mess House
Home Town

Listening to:

This week I featured When We Fall Apart by Ryan Stevenson on Songs on Sunday.  I hope you'll check it out :)

On the menu week:

Monday ~  Pork Chops, Homemade French Fries
Tuesday ~ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday ~ Toasted Cheese, Tomato Soup
Thursday ~  Pizza, Salad
Friday ~ Out
Saturday ~ Dad's Birthday:  his choice
Sunday ~ Potluck at Church

In the Craft Basket:

I have been hooking away on Kaylee and Shawn's Afghan.  I have about 8 or 9 more squares to make before joining and bordering.  Will I make it in time?  I need to have it done by July 10th!!!!

Picture from the Camera

A couple pictures Laken took while on vacation in Ocean City, MD and Assateague.  She video chatted with us while seeing the wild horses.  I SO want to visit there someday!

Memory Verse

"For whoever wants to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it."  Matthew 16:25

Have a great Monday!


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Songs on Sunday ~ When We Fall Apart by Ryan Stevenson

This song hits me!  

Especially because I'm 43 years years old.  Listen closely to the first line:



Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Good Stuff ~ 6/24/2021


I haven't written a post highly "The Good Stuff" for quite a while.  Time to remedy that!  

~Kaylee!  I haven't really posted anything here on the blog about Kaylee and the last few weeks of health issues.  Now that we are on the other side of it I feel like I can talk about it a bit.  A few weeks ago we spent 3 days at the hospital which ultimately ended with Kaylee having surgery to remove her gallbladder.  She's all healed now but during the testing one of the doctors thought he/she saw a lesion on  her liver.  Monday she had a CT Scan of the liver and everything is good!  Praise the Good LORD!  Now we can focus on the wedding and getting her married off :)  Oh, and she turned 20 years old on the 13th while all this was going down!

~Laken!  As I write this, Laken is spending her last evening with my brother, SIL and nephew at Ocean City, MD.  They were kind enough to ask her to tag along!  She is having an amazing time.  The only other time she had seen the ocean was in 2012 when she was 5 and we took the girls to Disney World and Daytona Beach.  She remembers very little about that trip.  So for all intents and purposes, this was her first time at the ocean.  Wednesday they went to Assateague Island and saw the wild horses.  She was in awe and is already planning another trip to the ocean next summer :)  Here are just a few of the pictures that she sent to us over the course of the week:

~The Hubby!  I want to mention that the hubby also had a birthday earlier this month.  He's comes in just a LITTLE bit over 20 at a sweet 53 years old.  I seriously could not ask for a better husband, father for our girls, or provider.  Love you, Babe!

What are you thankful for/smiling/exited about this week?  Tell me all the good stuff! 


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Blogging Challenge ~ Saddest Book I've Ever Read ~ 6/23/2021

This week's topic is:  

The Saddest Book I've Ever Read:

I don't know if this book is the saddest I've EVER read but I do remember crying when I read a certain part of this book when I was young.  Sobbing, actually, and I don't remember that ever happening again.

That book would be:

I don't know if I was an emotional pre-teen and that was why I sobbed, but it hit me hard!

If you've never read "Rebecca" and would like to, stop here!


For those of you that have already read "Rebecca" or don't plan on reading it, I'll tell you why I sobbed.

Rebecca is sent to live with her two spinster aunts.  It was a rough transition to the new living arrangements for both the aunts and Rebecca.  After somewhat settling into a routine, one of the aunts passes away!

Like I said above, maybe I was an emotional basket-case at the time or maybe it was the author's writing but the death of Rebecca's aunt really struck me in a tender spot.  Therefore, I would consider it the saddest book I've ever read :(


I have to have an honorable mention this week.

"Marley" was also a tear jerker!

So, what is the saddest book YOU'VE ever read?  


Monday, June 21, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ Questions ~ 6/22/2021

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 Welcome to Tuesday 4 in honor of Toni Taddeo...

1. Do you have a favorite movie to recommend?

I think my all-time favorite movie is "The Sound of Music".  I can watch it over and over again!  Have you seen it?  If not, I think you should!

2. Do you have a schedule for your day or do you wing it?

I have a "relaxed" schedule.  Meaning:  I have a list of things I want to do and generally do them in a certain order but am not a stickler for watching the clock and getting upset if I'm "behind schedule".  As long as I'm semi-finished with my list by the end of the day, I'm a happy camper!

3. What are you  eating/cooking  lately?

To see my menu for the week, please check out my "Homemaker Monday" post!

4.  Do you surf on your computer? Tell us about it, won't you?

I have certain websites that I will "surf" such as youtube, blogs, facebook etc.  I haven't really gotten into pinterest although I know many who are addicted :)  Are you one of them?


Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 6/21/2021

Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 

Hello, and Happy Monday!

Also:  Happy Belated Father's Day to the dads and Happy 41st Anniversary to my parents!  I thank God for them all!

The weather outside is:

Last week we were at Family Church Camp and the weather was crazy!  I wore my hoodie almost all week!  I'm glad to see some warmer temperatures coming this week.

On today's to-do list: 

Laken will head out dark and early Monday morning for Ocean City with my brother ad SIL: Uncle and Aunt Kelly.  My nephew Andrew too, of course.  She'll have a great time and I'm so appreciative that they always include her on their adventures.

Kaylee went back to work Sunday night after being off for two weeks.  It is going to be hard for her to get back into a routine.  Especially since she is working 3rd shift now instead of second.

Annalea will be coming to stay with me during the day and then after her Momma picks her up, the hubby and I need to go for groceries.

Other than that I'll be trying to complete my normal day-to-day tasks.

Happening this week:

Of course, Laken will be at the ocean and Kaylee will be working.  The hubby will also be working on daylight this week.

It is a pretty ordinary week otherwise.  One thing that is exciting on my schedule is that Saturday we go back to David's Bridal for Kaylee's dress fitting to see what alterations need made.  It fit her like a glove, so we got the right size.  The only problem I can see is that she got my height and the length will need taken up.  I'm interested to see how they do it as the hem is very intricate.

Currently reading:

I am sorry to sorry to say that I haven't picked up my Kindle in the last VERY BUSY few weeks.  With things slowing down this week, I do want to try to finish "Aloha Hideaway Inn" by Elana Johnson.

On the TV:

I don't know if I'd count it as me watching TV but I did take a nap on the couch while the hubby was watching Star Wars: Rebels!  lol  Other than that the only reason I've turned the TV on was to listen to music on The Message.

Listening to:

This week I featured "Faith" by Jordan Feliz on Songs on Sunday.  I hope you'll check it out :)

On the menu week:

Monday ~  OUT
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti, garlic bread
Wednesday ~ Shake-n-Bake Chicken, Alfredo Noodles
Thursday ~  Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes
Friday ~ Ham Pot Pie
Saturday ~ Toasted Cheese, Tomato Soup
Sunday ~ Potluck at Church

In the Craft Basket:

I really need to get the crochet hook fired up and work on Kaylee and Shawn's afghan.  I still have 16 granny squares to crochet before I can sew them together and crochet the border.  I have one month until the shower.  Can I get it done?  I'm going to try!

Picture from the Camera

My very special cousin (more like a little brother) and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby!  I'm so excited.  Isn't this picture adorable?

Memory Verse

"For what does it benefit a person to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?"  Mark 8:36

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Songs on Sunday ~ Faith by Jordan Feliz

Just gotta have FAITH!

Enjoy :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Blogging Challenge ~ Best Part of Each Season ~ 6/16/2021

This week's topic is:  

The Best Parts of Each Season:

First:  Happy Soon-to-be-SUMMER!!!!

I assume that is why we are talking about the seasons today.  It should be interesting to read everyone's different view points on this topic!

Winter:  Christmas is of course a big deal in Winter.  I love Christmas but am in no hurry to get there.  I'm already seeing people posting how many days until Christmas on Facebook!  Another favorite aspect of Winter for me is Groundhog's Day.  Not because it is when good ole Phil comes out to see us but because it is the day my second baby girl was born in 2007 :)

Spring:  Spring USUALLY means the beginning of nicer weather.  (Not so much this year.)  However, MY birthday is just a few short days after the official first day of Spring so I always look forward to that.  I'm the kind of person that LOVES my birthday :)  (The hubby and Kaylee were born in the first part of June, so technically they are Spring babies also, but I always think of them as being born in the Summer.)

Summer:  Ahhh....Summer!  We've made it through another long Winter and crazy Spring.  Always such a good feeling.  One of my very favorite days of Summer is the Fourth of July.  I love the cookouts and fireworks and spending time with family celebrating the birth of the U.S.A :)  I can't wait!

Fall:  I absolutely adore Fall.  It might even be my favorite season of all.  I love crisp air after the suffocating heat of Summer.  I love the coziness of a wearing a sweater around a campfire.  AND our Wedding Anniversary is in the Fall.  (at least I consider September 17th the Fall).

So, what do you think are the best parts of each season?  


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Songs on Sunday ~ Less Like Me by Zach Williams

A little more like Jesus!

Enjoy :)


Friday, June 11, 2021

My Weekly Bookishness ~ 6/11/2021

All things bookish!

What I Read:

Just when I decided to commit to the "20 Books of Summer" challenge, life went haywire.  Crazy haywire.  Therefore, I haven't kept my goal of reading daily.  I really do want to get back on track with my reading goals though.  So, I decided to post today even though it is very similar to the last time I posted a  "My Weekly Bookishness".  I hope you don't mind a few repeats now and then...


What I'm Reading:


A local island B&B owner hates the swanky high-rise hotel down the beach...but not the billionaire who owns it. Can she deal with strange summer weather, tourists, and falling in love?

Stacey Stapleton owns the premier bed and breakfast on Hawaii's big island, and she's not happy about the new twenty-eight story monstrosity disguised as a luxury resort just down the beach. When she books a night to find out what the rooms at Sweet Breeze are like, she's impressed with the amenities, the view of the bay...and the tall, dark, and handsome room service attendants.

But she's sworn off men and is focused on her own B&B, her Women's Beach Club of friends, and living up to her grandfather's legacy.

Fisher DuPont is the billionaire owner of Sweet Breeze, his first solo business venture since finally leaving his father's company, and he's been moving through each department as an undercover boss. So he's the one behind the room service cart when Stacey opens the door. When he runs into the sassy, gorgeous redhead three more times that day, he takes it as a sign to get to know her better--and reveal his true identity.

As Stacey and Fisher spend more time together, she learns he's absolutely brilliant, unusually kind, and incredibly hardworking. He's impressed by her grace under pressure and dedication to clients, friends, and family when a storm hits the island. Can Stacey and Fisher leave their past heartaches where they belong to build a new future together?

First Lines (Chapter seven:

'Nine-one-one?"  Esther's voice on the other end of the line was partly asleep and partly pissed off.

56%/Page 56

Before she allowed herself to take a quick cat nap, she dialed her mother one more time.


What I'll (Probably) Read Next:


Kaely Quinn's talents as an FBI behavior analyst are impossible to ignore, no matter how unorthodox her methods. But when a reporter outs her as the daughter of an infamous serial killer, she's demoted to field agent and transferred to St. Louis.

When the same reporter who ruined her career claims to have received an anonymous poem predicting a string of murders, ending with Kaely's, the reporter's ulterior motives bring his claim into question. But when a body is found that fits the poem's predictions, the threat is undeniable, and the FBI sends Special Agent Noah Hunter to St. Louis.

Initially resentful of the assignment, Noah is surprised at how quickly his respect for Kaely grows, despite her oddities. But with a brazen serial killer who breaks all the normal patterns on the loose, Noah and Kaely are tested to their limits to catch the murderer before anyone else--including Kaely herself--is killed.


What I Can't Wait To Read:


The ultimate cure that could heal any disease? Crazy.

That's exactly what research scientist Marian Creighton has always believed about her father's quest, even if it does stem from a desire to save her sister Ellen from the genetic disease that stole their mother from them. But when her father falls into a coma after drinking a vial of holy water believed to contain traces of residue from the Tree of Life, Marian must question all of her assumptions. He's left behind tantalizing clues that suggest he's crossed back in time. Insane. Until Marian tests his theories and finds herself in the Middle Ages during a dangerous peasant uprising.

William Durham, a valiant knight comes to Marian's rescue and offers her protection . . . as his wife. The longer Marian stays in the past, the more she cares about William. Can she ever find her father and make it back to the present to heal her sister? And when the time comes to leave, will she want to?


Book Haul:


After reading the first book of this series, Laken absolutely HAD to have the second and third books.  As I haven't been reading much the past few weeks (months) I'm getting my book buying thrills through her ;)


Book Blogger Hop:

Q.   What's your opinion on love triangle plots? (submitted by Julie @ JadeSky)

A. This is an awesome question!  When I was younger (before getting married) I loved love triangle plots.  I loved the thrill and excitement of not knowing who was going to end up with who by the end of the book.

Now, however, I like to know from the beginning (or almost the beginning) of the story who I am supposed to fall in love with character-wise.  My reading likes/dislikes have changed so much that I almost can't abide love triangles.  I hate routing for the wrong person and then "hating" the book!

I'm a bit fickle, I guess.


Bookishly Yours,

Linking up to:

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Songs on Sunday ~ Amen by For King & Country

Another current favorite :)