Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moda Flower Basket, I-Spy and a Bridal Shawl

I have a couple finishes that piled up without me posting about them. So, here they are:

This is a 40" x 40" Quilt made with a Moda "Flower Basket" Turnover and some border fabric I had in my stash.

On my Dining Room table. Looks good there. Hmm..?

Girly "I-Spy" Quilt that is 41" X 50". I collected these novelty prints in an I-Spy swap. I have a Boyish I-Spy and a Neutral Matching Game/I-Spy in the works.

Close-up of some of the novelty prints.

Bridal Shawl made from Simply Soft Yarn in White. I needed a break from hand-quilting and picked up my crochet hook for a while. It measures 20" X 72". I broke out in a sweat everyone time my little one came near me while I was working on this one. No cheesy fingers allowed!

I've listed all these in my ebay store. Click on the picture to go directly to that listing or here to go to my store.

Thanks so much!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Weather

It couldn't be more beautiful the past couple days.

We've played outside, read outside, walked outside, cleaned outside, ate outside, did devotions outside...

I have not wanted to spend even one extra minute in the house and miss out on the gorgeous sunshine. I've been waiting a long winter for it to come back.

I think the snow is even finally all melted. At least at my house!

Welcome Spring!!

Stay away Winter! You've had your turn.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Some More Totes and Purses

I was stuck inside pretty much all of February. Here are some more totes and purses that I made.

These are all listed in my store.

Thanks for checking them out!

Books Read Recently

I'm am so very behind on book review for the books I've read recently. I've decided there is just no way for me to get caught up. Therefore, I'm just going to list them here and then try to stay on top of things as I read each book in the future.

So, here they are:

"Sushi for One?" by Camy Tang 8/10

" No Place for a Lady" by Maggie Brendan 9/10

"A Widow's Hope" by Mary Ellis 9/10

"First Impressions" by Debra White Smith 10/10

"Northpionte Chalet" by Debra White Smith 9/10

"Possibilities" by Debra White Smith 9/10

Here's hoping that I can stay up-to-date even though the weather is getting nice and we're spending more time outside. Yay!!
I've listed my copy of some of these books in my store.