Thursday, June 6, 2024

Friday Favorites ~ 6/7/2024


How can it be almost the second week of June already?  Why does Summer fly by so fast and Winter drag so long?  Maybe I'm meant to live where it is perpetually Summertime.  I think I would miss Fall too much though.  I'm just going to enjoy each day as it comes :)

We had so much happen that I missed blogging about the past two weeks as I was very busy and missed a few posts.  A few of those happenings were:

~Memorial Day and all the fun and relaxation it entailed
~Nate's graduation and party
~Laken's Summer course in POD
~Traveling to Lancaster, PA for the weekend for a soccer tournament and lots of shopping
~Prepping for some big meetings at work that I'm glad are over
~Getting a new-to-us Subaru (so happy to have another Subaru!)
~Developing tendinitis in my Achilles Tendon and getting it treated
~etc, etc, etc (for all my "King and I" fans)

I think that catches us up!  Whew!  I'm ready to slow down a bit...which brings me to...

I'm getting ready to start reading "Living Slower" by Merissa A. Alink.  If I get the time.  I used to read voraciously and now I'm lucky to get 5 books read in a year.  I guess there is a season for everything.  I do hope I can get sucked into this book though and get some ideas to "make time for what matters".

The hubby and I saw this sunflower at Lowe's and it reminded me of my mother-in-law, Carrie.  She loved sunflowers and always had them growing in her garden.  I think of her every time I see one :)

I love taking pictures of paths.  This one in particular is at Shawnee State Park.  There is something about standing back and looking forward that fills me with hope.

This picture was taken on Memorial Day, but we're hoping to fire up the grill again this weekend.  I'm also hoping that we can find some good corn-on-the-cob to go with it.

We had some pretty severe storms this week but there were also beautiful, sunny days.  This evening (Thursday as I type this) we got the best of both worlds and were treated to a faint but beautiful rainbow in the sky.  Look closely and you'll see the sign of God's Promise and the reminder that He is faithful to His children.

Hopefully, I won't let time get away from me and I'll be back with Hello Monday to let you know all about our weekend. I hope you'll stop back!

Here's to enjoying the now and documenting one day at a time :)

Thanks for stopping by :)