Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thirteen ~ Lies ~ 4/3/14


A list of 13....

"Lies About Me"

1. I have stick straight hair.

2.  I'm pregnant.

3.  I'm thin.

4.  I have brown eyes.

5.  I have all sons.

6.  I live by the ocean.  Sigh....

7.  I don't have freckles.

8.  I've been married for 25 years.

9.  My house is spotless.

10.  I have high self-esteem.

11.  I don't worry.  Ever.

12.  I have a cute button nose.

13.  I hate blogging!


  1. Is is opposite day? I feel like that, having to stop and reverse everything in my head.

  2. Lie # 14:
    I didn't enjoy reading this.

  3. I like the house is spotless one.


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