Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday 9 ~ Peter Cottontail ~ 4/19/14


Peter Cottontail

1) Which do you prefer: colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, or plastic eggs with coins inside?

Actually, my favorite are Peanut Butter Eggs!  Especially, of the Reese variety :)  I also like hard-boiled eggs and plastic eggs with coins inside but I'm not a big fan of marshmallow eggs.

2) What's your favorite color of Peeps (yellow, purple, or pink)?

I don't really have a favorite color of Peep.  To me they are the all the same.

3) All this talk of sweets is making Sam hungry. What's for lunch?

Well, I'm doing the Slim Fast 3-2-1 Plan so my lunch will be a Vanilla Slim Fast Shake.  It tastes like cake batter is is super yummy!

4) This song was introduced by country singer Gene Autry and it's still a favorite. Please share some of the lyrics. (And you're on your own; Sam didn't include a link to the song this week.)

Here comes Peter Cottontal, hopping down the bunny trail; Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its way!

5) Gene Autry was so popular that a town in Oklahoma named itself for him. Have you ever been to Oklahoma?

I've haven't ever been to Oklahoma but would someday like to be able to say that I've visited all 50 states.  Someday.  Sigh....

6) In addition to singing, Mr. Autry made 93 cowboy movies. What's the last movie you saw?

Last night we watched "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" with Kevin Costner.  A oldie but a goodie )

7) He and his horse Champion also had a TV show. Can you name another famous horse?

Mister Ed and Silver are all I can think of.  lol

8) Gene Autry also recorded "Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer," and it was, of course, wildly popular, too. Who is your favorite recording artist?

This is a tough question.  There are so many that I love.  I can't pick just one.  I just can't !

9) Back to the holiday celebration at hand -- Easter is considered the season of rebirth. What leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated?

A nice, long, hot shower complete with hair washing and leg shaving :)


  1. Your answer to #9 is similar to mine. It's hard to beat peanut butter and chocolate together, isn't it? And a big ATTA GIRL on the 3-2-1 shake!

  2. Peanut butter and chocolate are and excellent substitution.

  3. Silver is a great answer to the famous horse question!

  4. Good gravy....I forgot all about Hi Ho Silver!

  5. I remember that Bryan Adams was at number 1 on the UK charts with the theme tune to Robin Hood. Didn't Alan Rickman play a baddie in that?


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