Thursday, November 22, 2012

TT ~ Vacation Disasters ~ 11/22/12

THIS WEEK’S topic is:

My biggest vacation disaster?

I really had to think long and hard about this.  I couldn't remember having any disastrous vacations.  Sure there were bits and pieces of vacations that could have been better.  Like, it would have been nice if our 5-year-old hadn't puked for the first 300 miles of our drive to Disney World this Summer.

It also would have been a bit more comfortable to have an air conditioner in our cabin a few years ago when we went to Gifford Pinchot State Park and it hit 103 degrees for at least 3 days straight.  But, it was kinda fun roughing it a bit :)  We survived and had fun and after a few days it cooled off.

Oh, and when we went on our Niagara Falls trip and forgot to take "Blankie" in the van with us on our day trip to Fort Niagara.  THAT was almost a disaster because if we hadn't found a Wal-Mart and bought a faux-Blankie I would have gone insane listening the crying!  (FYI, after that vacation we started the weaning of Blankie.  Blankie no longer leaves home.)

And, of course, there was always the counting of the days on the calendar and hoping that my "friend" would come either before or after our vacation.  It is just NO fun being menstrual on vacation, especially on our "Anniversary Getaways".  Can you say "bummer"?  I find it is VERY nice not having to think about that anymore!  Whoot!

Come to think of it, there was a bit of a vacation disaster the summer after I graduated.  My best friend and I took the train to my aunt's in Daytona Beach, FL.  We were only there a few days when a hurricane was predicted to hit.  My friend's parents spazzed and made us come back home early.  The ironic thing is that the hurricane didn't hit my aunt's area but DID follow us the whole way up the East Coast as we drove home.  It still wasn't all bad and I can say that I traveled on a train and then had a teenage road-trip home.  Ahh... Memories...

I'm really not that particular when it comes to vacations.  I'd be perfectly happy to just get in the car and drive stopping at places along the way that we find intriguing.  There's always something that can be seen or done to make a trip entertaining. 

Maybe I just haven't hit that terrible vacation yet.  Maybe it will be next year's vacation!  Did I just jinx it?!?

I'll have to let you know...

Next week's topic:
Things I've had in my mouth since becoming a parent!  lol

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