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Book Review and Giveaway ~ No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig 5/5!

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Title:  "No Safe Harbor"
Series:  Edge of Freedom Book 1
Author:  Elizabeth Ludwig
Publisher:  Bethany House
Publication Date:  10/1/2012
Pages:  352
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Book Description:

The Thrill of Romantic Suspense Meets the Romance of 1800s America

Lured by a handful of scribbled words across a faded letter, Cara Hamilton sets off from 1896 Ireland on a quest to find the brother she'd thought dead. Her search lands her in America, amidst a houseful of strangers and one man who claims to be a friend--Rourke Walsh.

Despite her brother's warning, Cara decides to trust Rourke and reveals the truth about her purpose in America. But he is not who he claims to be, and as rumors begin to circulate about an underground group of dangerous revolutionaries, Cara's desperation grows. Her questions lead her ever closer to her brother, but they also bring her closer to destruction as Rourke's true intentions come to light.

My Overall Feeling of the Book:

I love the beginning of a new series.  It feels so fresh and new and I anticipate the new characters and setting and look forward to more books to follow.

This book being set in New York with Irish immigrants put me in the mind of the movie "Far and Away".  I loved this book as much as I loved that movie.  I really enjoy reading the Irish brogue :)

I am so glad that I went on a New York trip and visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  It made reading this book so much more exciting!  I could picture everything as I had seen it a few years ago and imagine what it must have been like in the late 1800's when it was at its busiest.

Main Characters:

Cara Hamilton:  Cara is from Northern Ireland where there is much political unrest.  She travels to New York to be reunited with her brother who is in hiding.  There is much mystery and danger and she can trust noone.

Rourke Walsh (aka Rourke Turner):  Rourke is hiding his true identity from Cara and is using her to find her brother.  His motive is revenge.  He is a good man at the core and struggles with the deceit as he gets to know and care for Cara. 

One of My  Favorite Scenes:

As Cara is traveling from Ellis Island to New York City by ferry, she sees the Statue of Liberty up-close.  The description is magical and gave me goose-bumps.

A Brief Excerpt:

Looking up into the Lady's earnest face, Cara gasped.  She'd seen a tintype of her features cast in stark relief, but this close...Never had she imagined the way the sight would make her feel.  No wonder people who intended to make their home in America were filled with such hope.
Page 20

The Cover:

I love this cover.  The shadowy man in the background is a great image for alot of the sneaking and spying that takes place in this book.  People were always hiding in the background and watching.

Other Notes:

There was absolutely nothing I would change about this book and can't wait to read the next book in the series!

I can't wait to find out what happens with Eioghan!  I hope he surfaces again :)




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  1. I have been to the Statue of Liberty!!! Not Ellis Island. I'm not entirely sure of our ancestry either. =( Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

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  3. Sounds very interesting! I've never been to either, but hope to get to see the Statue of Liberty before I die. It would be wonderful for my children to see it, too.

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  5. I have not visited either.

    My ancestory is Swedish.

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  6. I have never visited Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty.
    My ancestors come from England & Italy. ~Michelle

  7. never been and we're french canadian (several generations ago) - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  8. I have visited the Statue of Liberty. :) Some of my ancestors are from the UK. Thanks for this giveaway!

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