Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream Cast ~ Last of the Seals ~ 11/29/12

Du Livre is hosting Dream Cast Thursday where participants can showcase which actors/actresses they would pick for the movie equivalent of their current read! Anyone can join, click on the button above and go link-up!

My current read:

Last of the Seals

Mystery, romance and baseball in 1957 San Francisco. Sam Slater is a lifetime minor league baseball player for the San Francisco Seals. The Seals have just one more season left as San Francisco is about to become a major league city. Sam has come to the end of his baseball career and is going to join the private detective agency of his best friend. When Sam's partner inadvertently sees something he shouldn't have, he is brutally murdered. Sam must go it alone and try to find out why. Along the way he is swept off of his feet by a beautiful, Elvis-obsessed TWA stewardess named Amelia Ryan. Sam and Amelia try to unravel the mystery together. On dark and foggy San Francisco nights, trouble is lurking just around the next corner. 


Amelia Ryan: 

Margot Robbie
(Pan Am)
Source:  Yahoo Images

Description:  Blonde, blue-eyed and gorgeous.

Sam Slater:

Alex O'Loughlin
(Hawaii 5-0)
Source:  Yahoo Images

Description:  Tall, dark and handsome with greenish eyes :)


Leave a comment telling what you think about my dream cast. 

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  1. Ooo is that really the cover, it's fun to look at! Love your picks! Alex is definitely tall dark and handsome.


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