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Gratituesday ~ Thanksgiving ~ 11/20/12

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I've always loved the week of Thanksgiving.  As a child, the excitement of having a short school-week was almost too overwhelming to stay seated in the desk.  Later, during the "working years", that extra long weekend was so very welcomed.  Now, as a SAHM with children in school, I'm back to looking forward to a short school-week and then the hubby being off work for a few days.

For the most part, it is a very relaxing week.  Sleeping in, reading books, watching TV, shopping, staying up late.  Fun, fun, fun.

But my favorite day of all is Thursday.  Thanksgiving.

Even though I now wake up my own home, I know that around 5am my Mom and Dad will be waking up in theirs.  Dad will get the cookstove fire burning and Mom will start prepping the turkey.  The turkey always goes in the cookstove which conveniently leaves the oven open for the pies which will be started the moment the door goes shut on the turkey.

After the pies come out of the oven, there will be a little break to have some breakfast.  By this time, I've usually gotten my family out the door to go to "Pap and Gram's" to help prepare the rest of the feast.  Breakfast is usually pretty simple with scrambled eggs and toast.   But we never forget the cinnamon rolls made out of the left-over pie crust.  Delicious for snacking on throughout the morning.

The side dishes are pretty normal fair for Thanksgiving.  Mashed potatoes, homemade noodles, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, gravy and Dad's Pheasant Au Gratin.  (Doug and Dad have been harvesting the pheasants for the past few weeks.  I think they are now up to the count of 3 :)  So much food that we can barely fit it all on the table!

Now that my girls are growing, it is so much fun to give them jobs to help in the preparation.  Their jobs usually consist of setting the table and putting out the name cards they made a few years ago.  They are also very good at getting the rolls ready for the oven and sneaking noodles!

When the food is ready and the extended family has arrived, Dad will carve the turkey as everyone is finding their seat.  Once everyone is seated and situated, Dad or Uncle Charlie will say the blessing over the food.

Then we stuff ourselves!  The pie usually has to wait for a bit while our other food settles but that makes it all the more enjoyable.  We spend this waiting time visiting and just being together.

Aunt Donna usually insists on helping with dishes and the men (and some women) will go outside to make sure their guns are "shot in" for the Big Day.  And, yes, our schools and most places of work are closed for the First Day of Deer Season which is next Monday.

After pie, everyone realizes how good the idea of a nap sounds and we, family by family, head back to our own homes.

Do you find it odd that I know exactly how our day will go or is your family the same way with your own traditions.  I find the traditions comforting and soothing and peaceful.


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