Friday, November 30, 2012

Coffee Date ~ HS Memories ~ 11/30/12

Won't you come meet Alissa (above), me and the girls for a coffee date,
or in my case, hot chocolate with whipped cream or maybe a chai tea?

~Well I missed our Coffee Date AGAIN last Friday!  The hubby and I spent the whole day out and about together.  We dropped the girls of with my parents it the morning and then hit the stores.  We had a very successful shopping trip and basically got everything on our Christmas shopping list.  We took a break in the afternoon to get something to eat and rest for a bit while we watched "Red Dawn".  At the theater!  Do you know how long it had been since we'd been to the theater just the two of us?   Because I don't remember.  It had been that long.  After the movie we finished up a little bit of shopping we had left then headed home and crashed.  It was a very fun day spent together connecting.

~I finished up my 30 Days of Gratitude 2012 today.  I made it the whole way through and was so very blessed by it.  Tomorrow I will start participating in "I Remember Christmas!"  It looks like a fun way to focus on Christmas every day of the month and not get so caught up in the busyness.  Come join me!

~My days have been ALL mixed up this week!  I thought Monday was Saturday.  I thought Tuesday was Monday and wore tennis shoes on my Kindergartner because I thought she had Gym.  I think I'm finally getting my brain back on schedule.

~I wanted to tell you that our Etsy shop was featured on again!  So exciting!  They featured our Santa Baby Outfits.  You can see them up on my sidebar widget.

~OK.  Now for my High School memory.  Can you tell I've been putting it off?  Well, not really.  I loved school.  I loved starting a new school year.  I loved (and still do) new tablets and pencils.  I loved getting my new textbooks and new class schedules. 

Our school was very small and my graduating class only had 27 students.  We were all very close and my friends and I had all our classes together.  I loved study hall because my BFF and I were in the National Honor Society which meant that we could get a pass out of study hall and basically go anywhere in the school to hang out. 

I loved playing volleyball and loved going to other games and cheering on our team.  GO HORNETS!  I have so many great memories and really missed the feeling of family after graduation. 

Now my oldest daughter is in Jr. High.  It makes me feel a bit old but it is also so amazing to see her doing the same things I did.  In the very same school.  I love living in a small town :)

So, how was your week?

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