Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chats on the Porch ~ 11/14/12

This week's questions:

1. What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? For anyone not in the US, what's your favorite fall side dish?

Does pumpkin pie count as a side dish?  No really, I love mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing and crescent rolls and the corn that my aunt cut from the cob in the summer and froze and pumpkin pie!  Yummyyyy..  Now I'm hungry!

2. What's the first thing you do when you have a headache?

Get grouchy until I realize "I have a headache."  Then I usually lay down for a few minutes and if that doesn't get rid of it I take an ibuprofen.  I don't know why I don't just take the pill at the first sign of a headache.  That's just how I roll...

3. Do you like to "people watch"? (Observe people in public while waiting for something or relaxing)

I love to "people watch" especially at the hair salon.  I never take a book or look at a magazine while I'm waiting.  I am fascinated by the people and the conversations.

4. Where's your family most likely to eat for a day to day meal? (Read= not holiday)

I try to have us sit at the Dining Room table as a family but lately we've gotten out of the habit and are usually in the family room in front of the TV.  This is a great reminder to get back into our "family meal at the table".  Thanks!

5. Tell me about your plans for Thanksgiving Day. Or tell me something special you will do soon.

Every Thanksgiving, we all head to my Mom and Dad's house.  Mom starts baking at 5:30am and I usually head there early to help.  The extended family all pile in and we eat, laugh and enjoy each other's company and catch up.  The table is starting to get VERY long!  In fact we have two end-to-end and we're outgrowing that.  This is one of my very favorite days!


Have a great day!


  1. Pumpkin pie should definitely count as a side dish ;). Your Thanksgiving sounds like a wonderful family get together. I hope y'all have a blast!

  2. Pumpkin pie and thanksgiving go hand in hand. Enjoy!

  3. Pumpkin pie is awesome...But like sweet potatoes I'm the only one who likes it. I may just have to make one just for myself this year.

  4. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! I love pumpkin pie. I have a gigantic pumpkin sitting on my cooking island waiting to become puree for pumpkin pie, bars, pumpkin egg nog, etc. BTW- The penguin hat on your Etsy widget is darling!Have a great week!

  5. Oh, I LOVE Thanksgiving! Turkey and green bean casserole are must- haves for me. Your parents' dinner sounds lovely.


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