Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thankful Thursday ~ Music ~ 10/13/16

Thankful Thursday
Today I am thankful for:

Music moves my soul.

I started playing an instrument, the flute, when I was 10 years old.  I loved everything about it.  I loved that I could create music!  My parents might not have thought it sounded like music in the early days of learning, though :)

I feel old for saying this but I remember listening to the radio and taping, yes taping, the songs I loved.  You actually had to press PLAY and RECORD on the tape player.  (I'm ONLY 38 years-old in case you were wondering :)

I also remember watching MTV (when they played music) and CMT (again, when they played music) every day after school.

These days, I listen to mainly Christian music (hello KLOVE) with a little bit of country thrown in for variety.

Not a day goes by that I don't listen to music.  In fact, the very first thing that wakes me up is music from my alarm clock.  I lay there and listen to the music play for about a half-hour before getting up.  (I'm a slow waker-upper.)  It sets the tone for my day.  And sometimes gets me moving a little quicker :)

I can't write a post about how thankful I am for music without adding a song, now can I?

Here's a song the girls and I used to dance to around the kitchen.  Enjoy!

I am truly Thankful and Blessed :)


  1. YES GIRL!!!! I always say my body doesnt function without music. I have music playing about 80% of my day... in my car, at my desk, in my house & ALWAYS when I work out. I say my body dont run if music aint pumping through it.
    KLOVE... THE BEST!!!

  2. Lot of music in our home too. Not a day goes by without music in our home too!!

  3. I used to have music around me ALL the time, But then for the past few years, I have preferred silence. But I am coming out of my funk or whatever and am listening so much more.

    The Stuck Like Glue vid was FUN. I am having a hard time getting it out of my mind!


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