Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thankful Thursday ~ The Church ~ 10/20/16

Thankful Thursday
Today I am thankful for:

I couldn't possibly write too many "Thankful Thursday" posts before telling you how thankful I am for The Church.  First and foremost for Salvation through Jesus Christ but also for the extended family that I've found.
I grew up in the Church that I attend now.  I'm so blessed to have known some of the people my whole life.  (In fact, I met my husband in Church!)
As I've grown older, I can say that my best friends are people that I attend Church with.  These people have been a constant in my life through the ups and downs.  (And there have been many downs!)  Some of these friends are much, much older than me and some are younger.
I've learned so much from the older ladies, some of whom have passed away over the years.  I hope that I am a role model to the younger generations as those before me have been.
I'm especially thankful for the group of women that meet at 8 am every Sunday morning for Bible Study before Sunday School and Church Services.  We call the group "First Place".  Our goal is to put God first place in our lives, others second and ourselves last.  We've been through so many good times and so many hard times together.  I can always count on this group of women to lift me up.
I can't imagine my life without Christ and His Church!
I am truly Thankful and Blessed :)

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