Monday, August 31, 2015

Monthly Reflections ~ August 2015


Books read in the month of AUGUST 2015:

1.  "Dying to Read" by Lorena McCourtney:  This book was so entertaining!  I loved Cate Kinkaid's character and the PI aspect.  I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and can honestly say that I didn't have it figured out at all :)  And, there was just enough hint of romance to make it interesting on that front as well.  You can read my full review HERE.

2.  "Prize of My Heart" by Lisa Norato:  I read this book in one evening and a morning in between cleaning and household chores.  Once I started, I didn't want to stop!  The storyline was intriguing and mysterious with danger and action with just the right blend of romance.  The ending had a very surprising twist.  Lisa Norato was a new-to-me author but I'll definitely be reading more of her books!  You can read my full review HERE.

3.  "A Penny for Your Thoughts" by Mindy Starns Clark : I enjoyed the mystery very much and can honestly say I did not see the ending coming.  That being said, I didn't care for the outcome.  I wish I could go into my reasoning but I don't want to give it away and ruin it for those who might be going to read it!  Even though I didn't like the outcome of the mystery, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book an look forward to the next book of this series on my shelf.  Especially, finding more out about "Tom" even though I have a few theories :)  You can read my full review HERE.


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