Thursday, May 7, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 5/7/20

A few sentences about each day...

April 29, 2020 - May 5, 2020

Wed/29 ~ Kaylee's first day at work went well, I think.  She made it through, anyway :)  I was emotional all evening that my baby is all grown up and now working.  I made the mistake of looking at baby pictures and was a blubbering mess for a bit.  I stayed up until she got home so she could tell me all about her evening.

Thurs/30 ~ While waiting up for Kaylee to get home, Laken and I watched "Be Our Chef" on Disney Plus.  It is a really cute Disney themed cooking show where families compete against each other.  I admit that I dozed off on the couch.  I'm not used to staying up that late!

Fri/1 ~ I love turning my calendar to a new month.  I pray that May sees some improvement to our current pandemic situation.  Pennsylvania is starting to move some counties into phase "yellow" but my county is still on "red".  It makes no sense as to how they are picking counties to upon up.  Oh well.  Patience is a virtue.

Sat/2 ~ We finally had a nice day with no rain!  We spent a lot of time outside.  Kaylee enjoyed her Saturday off but said it went too fast.  Isn't that they way it goes?

Sun/3 ~ It dug out our Amazon Kindle fire and signed up for a free 2 month trial of Kindle Unlimited!  It was so much fun "shopping" for new books!  After home Church, we had Sunday dinner complete with homemade Apple Pie :)

Mon/4 ~ Today was gorgeous but very windy.  The wind about blew my car door off when I opened it at the gas station!  This is Kaylee's first Monday of working.  Over the weekend, we got her a lunch box and a metal water bottle to take with her to work.  Laken and I are watching "Mulan" while we wait up for Kaylee to get home.  Doug is on 3rd shift this week and already left.

Tues/5 ~ We sat in the bank drive-through for an hour today waiting to make a deposit!  After 1/2 hour I was ready to leave!  Patience prevailed and I got my banking done.  I've never seen such a line like that at the bank.  Kaylee is headed home from work as Doug is getting ready to leave for work.  She was able to leave early tonight.  I'm glad because I'm tired and ready to go to bed!

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