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Book Review ~ The Right Time for Love by Amelia Sinclair


Title:  The Right Time for Love by Amelia Sinclair
Series: McLachlan Family Romance Book #1
Date Published:  February, 2020
Publisher:  ???

You never forget your first kiss...

Hannah Hayes loves her quiet life in Minnow, Montana, but when a lightning strike damages the town hall clocktower, Hannah is put in charge of hiring a contractor for the repairs. She knows the best choice is someone the town is slow to accept, but he's also the guy Hannah has tried for years to forget.

Jeremy McLachlan is hesitant to return to Minnow. His parents' divorce rocked the small town and left lots of bitterness, so he only goes back for the occasional visit to his grandma. But the familiar voice on the other end of the phone is intriguing enough that he accepts the clocktower project.

When Hannah is also given the responsibility to start a fundraiser for the repair costs, she gets even closer with Jeremy. Her instinct is not to trust him, from personal teenage experience, but she can't help wishing he would come back for good, that she could be his reason to stay.
My Thoughts:

Amelia Sinclair is another new-to-me author that I discovered through Kindle Unlimited.  Her writing style was amazing and she even used the word "twitterpated" which I loved!  The story was a quick, clean read.

"The Right Time for Love" is the first book in a new series and I love reading the first book of a new series and getting to know the characters and the area.

Minnow is the small town where Hannah and Jeremy grew up and where Hannah still lives.  The town itself is quite the character.  Minnow reminds me of my own small town of around 1000 people except we don't have a bell tower :)  We do have a Church that rings the bell occasionally though!

Jeremy was a lady's man growing up in Minnow and had to earn Hannah's trust.  I really thought he had changed but then there is a scene with "Elaine" (the next door neighbor) that just didn't gel.

Hannah was painfully shy in the beginning of the book.  Even throughout the entire book she has issues with self-worth and confidence.  I still am kinda confused by Hannah's apology toward the end of the book.  But you'll have to read it to learn more.  I don't want to give too much away.

The author did a wonderful job setting up the new series with the town, the townspeople and the McLachlans.  I really look forward to reading more about the McLachlan Family.

BTW, I really like when the book cover matches the contents and this one did :)

On to the next book!


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  1. I wonder why the publisher chose to call the series "McLachlan Family Romance"--it kind of sounds incestuous! :-D But I can tell from your review that it must be a series of romances in which *one* of the people involved is a member of the McLachlan family.

    I like writing book reviews, too! Here's my latest batch:

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