Thursday, May 21, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 5/21/20

A few sentences about each day...

May 13, 2020 - May 19, 2020

Wed/13 ~ Kaylee got home from work early.  Sunday she'll start working 10 hour days/6 days a week.  I think she's doing well and adjusting.  I'm adjusting too :)  I felt a bit lazy today and didn't walk on the treadmill as planned.  Now I need to walk the next four days to get my fitpoints before weigh in day next Monday.

Thurs/14  ~ Our County is going "Yellow' tomorrow!  I'm dreaming of a Hobby Lobby trip :)  Laken needs to get one of her friends a 13th Birthday gift and Hobby Lobby is a great place for gifts.  I love wandering around looking for great finds!

Fri/15 ~ Kaylee got her very first paycheck today.  My baby has grown up.  We sat down with her "budget binder" and went over the few expenses she has.  She was able to put a sizable chunk into savings and still have a pretty good amount of spending cash.  I'm so proud of how hard she's working. 

Sat/16 ~ We went to Sundae's!  They finally opened on Friday but it was jam-packed so we decided to wait until today to go.  I got a peanut butter sundae and it was scrumptiously delicious :)  Yesterday was Laken's last day of 7th grade.  I now officially have an 8th grader!  One more year and then comes High School!  Oh my!

Sun/17 ~ It was so wonderful to be back at Church!  Aunt Donna and Kaylee sang a special song called "Nobody"  They did an excellent job.  Kaylee works until 1am tonight.  I think I'm going to have to take a short nap and then wait for her to get home.

Mon/18 ~ Doug and I went for groceries this evening instead of in the morning.  The store nwo says that masks are not "required" but are "appreciated".  I was so tempted to take mine off so I could breathe easier but I didn't.  We stopped at the farmer's market and got flowers to plant in the flower pots on the deck.  Laken is excited to plant them!

Tues/19 ~ It was nice to get back into my morning routine of walking on the treadmill.  This afternoon we planted the flowers in the flower pots.  It was nice to dig into the dirt.  The wind was ridiculous though.  My patio umbrella blew out of the table and up over the roof of the house.  I  had to track it down...

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