Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 5/19/20

Looking out my window:

As I write this Monday evening, it is a bit dreary but warm at about 65F.

I am thinking:

I am thinking that I still have a lot to do this evening.  Doug and I just got back from getting groceries and I still haven't exercised, read my devotions, or tracked my food on WW.  I still have to go pick Laken up from her friend's house so I don't think the treadmill is going to happen today...

I am thankful:

I am thankful that we were able to go back to Church yesterday.  It was wonderful seeing everyone even if we had to "social distance".

One of my favorite things:

One of my favorite things is reading regency romance novels :)

I am creating:

I am still creating a granny square blanket using the following colors in Redheart Ombre and white.

I joined the first 4 rows and have 2.5 more rows completed in various stages of assembly.  I really need to get them all joined soon!

I am wearing:

I am wearing blue capris, a blue and tan patterned shirt and my trust flip flops.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:

I discovered this author with the first book of the "Ladies of Devon" series.  I then found this series "Women of Worth" and have the whole series downloaded.  I'm enjoying this first book of the series :)

I am hoping:

I am hoping that I can complete the 20 Books of Summer 2020.  I've committed to reading 20 books between June 1st and September 1st.  It is going to be tight but I'd really like to finish the entire challenge.  See my sidebar for more info on #20booksofsummer20 .

I am learning:

We learned that Kaylee got 3 A's and 2 B's this Spring Semester!  I'm so proud of her for finishing strong even though she started working full time the last few weeks of the semester.  We also learned that Laken got all A's for the school year.  She's now finished with 7th grade!  My babies are growing up!

In my kitchen:

Over the weekend we tried another new recipe called "3 Cheese Penne".  It had Italian sausage, sauce, penne and of course 3 different cheeses.  I'll be sharing the recipe sometime soon!

Shared Quote:

"As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one." "

Romans 3:10

A moment from my day:

A sneak peek a the 3 Cheese Penne :)

Have a Blessed Day!


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