Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Book Review ~ Lily for My Enemy by L.G. Rollins


Title:  Lily for My Enemy by L.G. Rollins
Series: Lockhart Regency Book #2
Pages:  273
Date Published:  February 21, 2020
Publisher:  ??


He's from Lords. She sides with Commons.
Watch out London, sparks will fly.

Felix Lockhart is tired of balls, tired of musicales, and most especially tired of society only seeing him as the heir apparent to a powerful seat in Lords. Then, one evening he meets the witty Jocelyn Hunt—perhaps the only young lady in London who isn’t impressed with him.

Jocelyn Hunt will never hold a seat in the House of Commons herself, but she is no less an ardent supporter. When she meets the brooding Felix Lockhart, she is determined he understand that the House of Lords simply cannot continue to ignore the changing times.

Though they quarrel at first, both Felix and Jocelyn find themselves irresistibly drawn toward the other. But when their roles as heir apparent and daughter of a prominent man in Commons push them apart, can their undeniable connection be enough to bridge two groups determined to hate one another?

My Thoughts:

This is the second book I've read my L.G. Rollins and I enjoyed this one just as much as the first book of the Lockhart Regency Series "Wager for a Lady's Hand".

We're introduced to Felix in Book #1 of the series, so I highly recommend reading it first to get the complete back story.  It really adds a lot to the feel for Felix's character and how much he changes over time and through love.

Jocelyn's character is nicely written.  Her character is "new" to the series so it was important to make her as memorable as Felix and the other characters that I'd already become familiar with.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interactions between Felix and Jocelyn.  They didn't like each other in the beginning...or did they?  Let's say they were intrigued by each other even though they were from opposite ends of the political spectrum of the time.  As time goes by and they spent more time in each other's company, they each grow in different aspects of their character.

This was a quick, clean, sweet regency read.  The kind I adore!

I read this book through Kindle Unlimited and look forward to reading Cassandra's story in the next book of the series, "A Heart in the Balance."

On to the next book!


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