Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Book Review ~ A Storybook Love by Amelia Sinclair


Title:  A Storybook Love by Amelia Sinclair
Series: McLachlan Family Romance Book #2
Date Published:  April, 2020
Publisher:  ???

Candace McLachlan is beyond excited to return to Minnow, Montana for her brother's wedding. As an overworked English teacher, she's in desperate need of a summer vacation. But even twelve years after her parents' divorce, she's surprised to discover there's one family in town still bitter against her own.

Ray Heathcliff has no interest in romance, so he mostly keeps himself busy running the family bookstore. After the drama of his sister's failed marriage, followed by losing his wife and his mom, Ray can't handle anymore heartbreak. And though he knows Candace should be off limits, he can't seem to stay away from her.

Minnow is alight with preparations for the McLachlan wedding, and Ray is sure the romantic atmosphere is what keeps drawing him back to Candace. But after a few illicit kisses and family brawls, Ray has to make a decision: will he open his heart to love again, or is theirs a forbidden romance that will never be?
My Thoughts:

Amelia Sinclairs "McLachlan Family Romance" series has been a fun journey so far.  I've now read the first two books of the series and am hooked!  I'm so excited that there are two more brothers in the McLachlan family to read about.

I didn't know how the author would reunite the McLachlan and Heathcliff families after all the tension that has been between them.  It reminded me of "Romeo and Juliet" and also the "Hatfields and McCoys"!  

Ray was a widower so it was also interesting to read as he opened himself back up to love after heartbreak.  Candace was immediately drawn to Ray and they had a lot of commonalities.  Ray owned a bookstore and Candace was an English teacher.  There were lots of fun literature references.

This was a quick read, perfect for a lazy afternoon or evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading "A Storybook Love".

I would recommend reading this series in order to get the full back-story.

I downloaded this book through Kindle Unlimited.

On to the next book!


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