Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 5/26/20 ~ With pictures

A few sentences about each day...

May 20, 2020 - May 24, 2020

Wed/20 ~ We had Prayer Meeting and Bible Study this evening!  It is so good to be getting back to normal!  Doug has tonight to work and then he's off for four days.  He wants to re-do the dog yard and porch.  Hopefully we have nice weather so that he's able to get done what he wants to complete this weekend.  Right now the dogs are enjoying being able to stretch out on my bed.  Where am I going to sleep?

Thurs/21 ~  Doug worked last night and then stayed up all day working on the fencing for the dog's yard.  As I'm waiting for Kaylee to get home from work, he's snoring away on the couch.  It is supposed to rain all weekend, so he was hoping to get it all done today.  Unfortunately, he needs to get two more boards to finish up the project.  My poor hubby...

Fri/22 ~ During a break in the rain, my Mom and I walked around the outside of the house looking at the flowers.  I always plant Marigolds in honor of my Grandmother who had a green thumb.  We plant Impatiens in honor of Doug's Mom.  She always planted them in her flower boxes, just not the white ones!  She hated white flowers for some reason. We tried out the new food truck in town called "Lumberjack Snacks".   It is run by one of Doug's best friends from high school.

Sat/23 ~  Laken and I repainted my swing today.  First we had to  scrape the old paint.  Laken was a big help.  I absolutely love the color.  It is called Milano Teal.  My porch swing is my Happy Place :)  Kaylee and Shawn ordered us all Chinese takeout for dinner.  Kaylee was happy to get her sushi.  She loves the stuff...

Sun/24 ~ It was great to once again fellowship with other Christians at Church.  I made some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to take for snack in the evening.  They turned out a bit flat but were quite tasty.  Next time, I'll add some more flour.  I'll share the recipe soon :)

Until next week,



  1. Nice. The dogs on the bed remind me of our black lab, sprawled out on our bed. They are so sweet. The painted bench looks awesome - amazing what a little paint will do.

    1. Labs are the sweetest dogs! The paint did a great deal :)


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