Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hodgepodge ~ 1/25/17

Joyce's Hodgepodgey Questions:

1. "The cure for anything is salt water-tears, sweat, or the sea." (Isak Dinesan) Would you agree? Of the three, which has 'cured' you most recently?
I haven't been to the sea for a couple years; I haven't really cried lately; so I guess it would be sweat although it has been about a week since I've worked out due to bronchitis :(

2. What's something you can't eat without salt? Do you normally salt your food a lot, a little, or not at all?
French Fries!!  I usually salt a moderate amount.  Not too little and not too much.

 3. Sands of time, bury your head in the sand, built on sand, or draw a line in the sand...which sandy phrase could best be applied to something in your life right now? 
Bury your head in the sand.

 4. A favorite book, movie, or song with an island setting or theme? 
South Pacific!

 5. Yesterday-did you run your day or did it run you? How so? 
I think I ran my day.  I got a lot accomplished but also had time to work on hobbies.

 6. You're on an island holiday. Will I most likely find you parked in a beach chair, shopping in town, on the back of a jet ski, or snorkeling off the back of a catamaran? 
Hmmmm.....   Either shopping or snorkeling.  I love to visit all the sights!

 7. What do you think we humans most take for granted?
Our parents.
8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

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  1. Definitely can't have fries without salt. Love this list. Fun!

  2. South Pacific - I forgot about that one! Looking forward to the Favorite Color Swap!

  3. Yes, my parents have been gone for 16 (mom) and 8 (dad) years and what I'd give to have them back, even for one more day. Cherish them while you have them.

  4. Parents is a good answer. I need salt on french fries too. I have been trying so hard not to eat fries though. I had a gallbladder episode in Sept and have avoided fried foods since for the most part. Fries are about the only fried food that really tempts me anymore. Have a great day!

  5. I was in the high school production of South Pacific. Love the music score! Have a wonderful week.


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