Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday ~ 1/16/20

Here are some things that made me smile this week:

~My Crochet Buddy!  Kona, our chocolate lab, likes to sit on the rug right beside the chair I sit in to crochet.  Whenever I move, she moves.  She's my buddy :)

~Planet Fitness!  We've started going back to the gym.  The hubby, Kaylee and I are going on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It is so much more fun when you have workout buddies :)

~Doug's Laptop!  My laptop won't stay connected to the internet for some weird reason.  It must have a virus or something like that.  Luckily, the hubby doesn't use his laptop very often so I've kind of confiscated his!  It is nice to have a back up :)

~Kaylee's Books!  Kaylee and I went to the campus bookstore on Monday and got her books for the Spring 2020 Semester which starts TODAY!  Yikes!  Please say a prayer that she does well :)

~Fitbits!  Kaylee has an online gym class this semester.  Isn't that funny?  They do everything online these days.  (I sound so old!)  She wanted some kind fitbit-ty device to monitor her heart rate, miles, steps etc.  We found a "knock-off" fitbit on Amazon for $24.  I forget the brand name and it hasn't arrived yet.  Of course, for $24 I wanted one too!  They should be arriving today or tomorrow :)

What made you smile this week? 



  1. As you will see from reading my post today. I took a short, impromptu trip with my daughter and grand doll yesterday and it was fun and made me smile


  2. Still fighting my cold, but I really smiled when the doctor at the walk-in clinic told me it was "just" a cold. So grateful it wasn't flu or pneumonia. We seniors really worry about pneumonia. Had a great study at synagogue tonight and enjoyed evening prayers. All in all, a very good day.

  3. I just found you on Instagram and am now following you. I love the colors in the granny squares you are making. Kona is adorable. My mom used to have a chocolate lab named Mandy. They are the sweetest dogs.

  4. Cant wait to see how the 'fitbit' health tracker works.
    Online GYM class??? :) LOL that's too funny - what is this world coming to


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