Saturday, January 11, 2020

Work In Progress ~ Cheers! ~ 1/11/20


I decided to jump into some crochet alongs but I didn't want to go out and buy new yarn (well not really that I didn't want to but that I SHOULDN'T buy new yarn :).  I'm using up some skeins leftover from various projects so this will be a "Scrappy CAL".

The first (January Main) block of Ravelry's BAMCAL 2020 is called "Cheers!" and was designed by Polly Plum who is a marvelous pattern writer!  The pattern says that it is "Advanced" and I had no problem whatsoever following along.

Do you like the pop of red?  I'm not quite sure about it but the hubby said he likes it. 

I'm going to add a round of white to every block and crochet them together with the red (probably) to tie them all together.  Here it is finished off:

Well, finished off except for tying in all those ends.  I'll get around to it sometime :)

The block turned out to be 12.5" before the border rounds.  Polly Plum created a new stitch that she called the Treble W Stitch (Tr-W) which is tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr.  It was fun to learn :)
I was pleased with how it turned out! 
Are you participating in any crochet alongs (CALs)?  What are you working on?



  1. That is really beautiful. You are very talented! I agree - the red does make it pop. Very nice!

  2. That is gorgeous like looking into a kalitascope. Amazing!

  3. Your square is beautiful! I love how you tied the red together on the outside of it. I am currently doing a Sophie's Universe using stash yarn. So far, I like it!


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