Friday, January 31, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 1/23/20-1/29/20

A few sentences about each day...

January 23-29, 2020

23/Thurs ~ We got a wifi extender to boost the wifi upstairs as the modem is downstairs and the connection hasn't been the best.  So far it is working well and apparently the problem wasn't my laptop!  VOTD:  Mark 2:17

24/Fri ~ Kaylee and I went to the hair salon today before the rain/ice came.  I got highlights and Kaylee got a pixie cut.  It is so cute!  VOTD:  John 11:6

25/Sat ~ We had a Family Movie Night and watched the sequel of Maleficent.  I liked it better than the first movie.  VOTD: Psalm 95:6

26/Sun ~ Today I didn't feel the best.  I made it through Church in the morning and then took a Sunday afternoon nap.  I went to bed early with the hope that I'd feel better in the morning.  VOTD:  Romans 12:12

27/Mon ~ I feel much more the thing today.  I received my Valentine Swap package from Deb @ in the mail today.  The chocolate didn't last long :)  I also got a letter from my Pen Pal and Kaylee got a letter stating that she made the Dean's List!  It was a good mail day :)  VOTD:  Psalm 62:8

28/ Tues ~ I wrote a letter back to my penpal with some get-to-know-me information and got it in the mail.  I got some yarn to make my "Angel" from Church a shawl for Valentine's Day. Now I just need to get it crocheted so that I can send it to her at college.  I hope she likes the color!  VOTD:  Habakkuk 2:2

29/Wed ~ I got 8000 steps in today!  That is a new record for me!  Kaylee and I went to the gym and the store.  Then I went to the dentist with Doug.  This evening was Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.  I'm beat!  VOTD:  Proverbs 12:4


VOTD = Verse of the Day


  1. I love the yarn that you intend to make the shawl out of. I am excited to be able to mail my Valentines' Swap gift out tomorrow. It has taken so long because I have been so busy. Looks like you got some nice stuff with yours.

    1. The yarn is working up nicely. My swap package was very nice. I'm not sure what I want to use the giftcard to purchase though! I have so many ideas :)


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