Wednesday, January 1, 2020

One Sentence a Day ~ December 2019

A sentence or two (or three) each day.

December 2019...

1/Sun ~  The Youth Group decorated the Church building for Christmas.  It looks very pretty.

2/Mon ~ No school for Laken plus no work for Doug today.

3/Tues ~ Grocery Day for me and Science Olympiad practice for Laken.

4/Wed ~ I worked on writing Christmas Cards today!

5/Thurs ~ Laundry Day and we worked on rearranging the Family Room.

6/Fri ~ Today was Kaylee's last day of College for the Fall 2019 Semester!

7/Sat ~ We decorated our house for Christmas and it was our turn to clean the Church building.

8/Sun ~ The Youth group delivered Christmas baskets to the elderly in our town along with homemade soup.

9/Mon ~ Finally got the John Deere pillows made for Terri Lynn's jingle gift!  They turned out well :)

10/Tues ~ Grocery Day plus we had our Ladies Group Christmas Dinner at Ed's Steakhouse.

11/Wed ~ We signed up for Disney+ today.  I'll never get them away from the TV now!

12/Thurs ~ I finished up Linda's Prayer Blanket today and gave it to Shawn to deliver to his Mom.

13/Fri ~ Today we decorated our Christmas Tree.  It was fun to look back at all the girls' past years' ornaments.

14/Sat ~ We made a trip to the Fruit Bowl and Candyland to get candy for Laken's Christmas gifts to her friends.

15/Sun ~ This evening was play practice for the Youth Group.

16/Mon ~ Doug is on 3rd shift this week.  I'm sure Laken will be sleeping with me!

17/Tues ~ Grocery Day and Science Olympiad for Laken.  She is studying the stars and contellations.

18/Wed ~ Today was Shawn AND Aunt Donna's birthdays.  Happy 21st Bday Shawn!  I won't say how old Aunt Donna is :)

19/Thurs ~ Laken and Mom made sugar cookie cutouts this evening.  They are delicious!

20/Fri ~ Today was the deadline for the Pen Pal signups.  I ended up with 12 participants and was happy with that :)

21/Sat ~ I worked on sending out Pen Pal information to the participants.  I hope everyone enjoys their happy mail!

22/Sun ~ Today was the Christmas Program at Church.  This evening we had an early Church Service and then went Christmas Caroling.  Then we headed back to the Church for Hot Chocolate and Goodies!

23/Mon ~ The hubby took us all to see Frozen 2 this afternoon.  Dex and Shawn went along. I really enjoyed it :)

24/Tues ~ Christmas Eve!  We made fudge today and spent the evening at my brother and SIL's celebrating, eating and opening gifts!

25/Wed ~ Christmas Day!  We got up early to open presents, took a small nap and then cooked Christmas Dinner.  The afternoon was spent watching movies we received.

26/Thurs ~ Ugh!  Organizing the bedroom and family room is not fun anymore!  But we got it done!  Laken went to the movies with her friend, Emily.

27/Fri ~ We went to the mall as a family and I got a King sized quilt at Sears (they're closing) for $8.47!

28/Sat ~ It was 60F outside so Kaylee and I headed out for a walk.  Later in the evening we all played Disney Monopoly which Laken won.

29/Sun ~ The Steelers lost to the Ravens and are now out of the running for the playoffs :(

30/Mon ~ Laken and I went to the movies to see "Little Women" while Doug and Kaylee saw the new "Star Wars".  Kaylee found and bought me the game "Bunco".  I've been looking for it for years!

31/Tues ~  We spent New Year's Eve at my brother Dan's who cooked shrimp for everyone.  Happy New Year!



  1. Hey, thank you for posting this because I have a hardback journal that I want to use for JUST THIS PURPOSE and I wasn't sure what kinds of quick, short notes to write. Now I have some examples to refer to!!!!

    I love the colors of your prayer blanket! (Also, what is a prayer blanket?)

    Gosh you and your family do so many fun things together!

    Those cookies look good. Did you make the frosting or is it pre-made? Looks delicious!!!! I like this one type of frosting and someone told me how to make it just mix powdered sugar and milk? Not sure. Anyway, I still don't know how to make cookie frosting. LOL

    1. A prayer blanket is like a prayer shawl. I prayed for the recipient as I was making the blanket.

      We made the frosting for the cookies. It is milk, powdered sugar and a bit of butter. Delicious :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love that blanket!
    Are you loving Disney+? ... did you like Frozen 2?
    I'm also dying to see Little Women!!! You're seeing all the good stuff this month.
    PS - be sure to link this up with us on Tuesday :)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, we're loving Disney+. Frozen 2 was really good :)
      Little Women was awesome! Alas, we're probably done with the theater for a while.
      Yes, I will be linking up :)

  3. What a busy month! I love the colours you used in that blanket - I bet the person who received it was absolutely thrilled.

    1. Yes, it was a very busy month. I am enjoying slowing down a bit :)

  4. We got Disney+ too and my boys just love it! I haven't yet made it to see Frozen 2 but I have heard great things about it.

    1. I enjoyed Frozen 2 more than the first movie! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Yay, yay, yay!! So glad you are joining us for Sentence a Day. So nice to meet you! We really liked Little Women. Was surprised that my Prince C. wanted to see it. And last weekend we enjoyed the Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie, too. Glad to have some movies without violence and language issues.

    Laken is such a pretty name. Have never heard of it. I have a Brennyn (like Walter Brennan) and a Lauren. Poor Brennyn gets called everything but her name...Brenda, Briana, Britney.

    If you would like to receive emails with the link up codes each month for SaD, let me know. I send them out. My email is and I blog at Welcome aboard!


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