Saturday, January 25, 2020

Work In Progress ~ Flower Power Square ~ 1/25/20


I decided to also join in the Moogly CAL 2020!  The first block is "Flower Power Square" designed by Carolyn Christmas at .  This was my first square that I've made from this designer.

I'm using these scrappy colors to make my crochet along blocks for as many as it will make:

I enjoying crocheting from this pattern but there were a few spots where I had to guess where to put the next stitch as there weren't many row by row pictures that I find very helpful to have.

I changed my colors every row to make it "scrappier" looking :)

I messed up somewhere along the way.  I had too many stitches and had to "fudge" it with some "crochet-togethers" to get the right stitch count.

The square was only measuring 11" so I added a light purple double crochet row to bring the size up to match my other crochet along squares.

What are you working on?



  1. I would like to make some of these and I might have to check out the website. I think everyone in my family has crocheted at some time. I know I can single crochet, but that is all that I remember.

    1. It is very easy to learn and there are lots of how-tos on youtube to teach you :)

  2. Carol---Go For It! I had to "reteach" myself after not crocheting for many decades. So glad I did and the Youtube video's really helped. I am on part three of Sophie's Universe (as a scrappy project). CAL was a few years ago and have always wanted to do it. Instructions and videos are wonderful. I had started another CAL, but struggled with the instructions that I have temporarily given up until the video comes out so I can make sure my stitches are in the right spot. Doubt this will let me post a link to Sophie's or my pictures (I am taking one after each section to keep track of my progress.

  3. Colletta--I think your square came out beautiful!


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