Thursday, December 2, 2010

9 Holiday Depression Buster from Beyond Blue

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Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue has compiled a list of "9 Holiday Depression Busters".  Click HERE to see her full article.

Here is the summary:

1.  Expect the Worst

2.  Remember to "See" (Sleep, Eat, Exercise)

3.  Beef Up Your Support

4.  Avoid Toxic People

5.  Know Thyself (Triggers)

6.  Travel with Polyester, Not Linen

7.  Make Your Own  Traditions

8.  Get Out of Yourself

9.  Exercise Your Funny Bone

Go check out Therese's article and gallery. 

And have a Very Merry Non-Depressed Christmas!


  1. Great Advice! Especially to know miracles!
    I also love the "Make your own Traditions", that is a really good one too.

  2. Ho ho ho- good advice and easier said than done...explain 'sleep' to me again please?


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