Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Session on the "Couch"

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Some of you might be wondering how my session with the Christian Counseler went last Wednesday.  If not, oh well, I'm going to tell you anyway!

First, he is not a psych, he is a Christian Counsellor. Not saying that a trip to a Psych isn't in the cards though. lol

I really didn't know what to expect.  He  put me at ease right away and I didn't feel weird at all. 

I told him all about myself and my history.  I think he should have reciprocated with some intimate details of his life, but I guess that's not how it works.  That is what "sisterchicks" are for, I guess.

My symptoms of depression/anxiety must be very common because he already had all kinds of diagrams and charts written on those huge flip tablets and everything he had there pretty much applied to me:

-Basing my worth on my performance, others opinions etc.
-Using the "SHOULD" word too much.
-Going through the steps of grief because, I feel broken because of the depression anxiety and never thought I would have these problems.
-Sometimes we get stuck in the "Depression" step of grief and it turns into Clinical Depression.
It was really quite amazing to see "me" on all his hand written charts.  It is like he knew "I" was coming.  Guess I'm not so different than a lot of people.

I felt alot better after my session because the way I can sum it up not so eloquently was it was like sitting through about 2 months of Sunday sermons and gleaning all the truths from those sermons in a 90 minute session.

You know what I mean.  You're listening to a sermon and have an "aha" moment and something clicks and you then move a little bit more toward healing.  And then the next week a little bit more.  Only all the key verses, themes about depression/anxiety and God's love and grace were all right there waiting for me in that one session.

One key thing that he said to make me think was about the "The Cure for Anxiety" in Matthew 6:25-34.  His opinion is that it is almost impossible for people with medical anxiety problems to do and that causes alot of depression and people go without proper treatment because they think they are failing to do what Jesus is telling us.  

I know I've always had a big hang-up with that and it kept me from getting medical treatment for years thinking I "SHOULD" by able to pray it away.  If this is you, please go for help.

My "homework" is to take my meds, never use the word "SHOULD", and journal.  Any good journaling tips?

Well, that's enough for now if you made it this far.  Right now, I have another appointment with him next week.  Not sure if I'll go, reschedule, or not go at all.

I will say that I am glad I kept that appointment last week.  I just wish I had taken pictures of all those charts he had.  Maybe I'll go next week just to take my camera...

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  1. Good, and good!
    Brave too!
    The Matthew verses? ones I often quote at myself- easier quoted than lived...sigh...
    Journaling? Just write all the garbage in your head for a set time each morning, forgrt punctuation, spelling, and everything you've been told and write, write, write...also, don't re-read it, not for a fortnight at least, if ever...
    And after a couple of days you may feel light as air, or completely exhausted, either is fine!


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