Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Doggy Sweater

I'm trying to broaden my crocheting horizons and learn to follow patterns.  I think I mentioned in a prior post about making this sweater for Scrapper, our rescue dog. 

You can find the pattern I used HERE.  I used Red Heart Super Saver in "Med Thyme" and a "G" hook as the pattern suggested.  It worked up in no time at all and I felt so good for being able to follow the pattern!

Isn't that face soooo cute?

" Strike a Pose"

Does this sweater make my butt look fat?

He gets so excited when he sees me coming with the sweater because he knows we're either going to Grandma's or for a ride.

I can't imagine why someone abandoned him.  He is the most loving dog ever.  He's even getting better about going outside to "doo" his "business"!

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  1. Scrapper is SO cute! I would love to learn how to crochet but I'm not sure I'd be making a sweater for my doggie Coco...she's 83 pounds and that would probably take a loooooong time for me to make LOL!

    Merry Christmas


  2. Your doggie sweater looks great, and Scrapper looks like he really likes it. :o) I have tried and tried to crochet soooo many times, and I've finally given up!

    I've got a store sweater on my little Dasher dog right now, but it's not worth diddly squat since he's already managed to tear it up. I may have to see if I can get my MIL to make one of these for him..... :o)

  3. How cute! Sounds like Scrapper hit the jackpot when he found y'all. :) I knit and I've thought about trying to knit a cat sweater before but I figured they wouldn't wear it so I just stick to knitting the blankets. :)

  4. He is soooo cute! I'm glad you've given him a good home. Makes my heart happy!!

    I love the sweater. I need to bring a crochet hook to the next craft day so maybe you can help me work through a few things. I am finishing up a pair of knitted socks right now. The thing about socks is that when you finish knitting one, you still have a second one to knit before you can wear them. I need to learn the technique that has you knit both socks at the same time on circular needles.

  5. How precious is that boy!!! How you must delight in one another!
    Have you an "Etsy" shop by any chance? My Caraleigh is practically bustin' out of her "little" pink coat.

  6. Too cute! The dog and the sweater. :) Thanks for linking up today.

  7. What a beautiful little dog - and he looks great in the coat you made for him!

  8. what a cute could anyone abandon him!!!! And he looks sweet in that sweater.

  9. CUTE!!! I laughed right out loud about making the butt look fat. Too funny, and he is precious.

    Wish I could do more than make great big old never ending granny squares.

  10. Scrapper is very cute and I'm sure that sweater will keep him very toasty this winter. I know what you mean about him getting excited about clothes. My chihuahua Holly knows when I'm getting ready to leave. She actually stays quiet in anticipation that I'll leave her, but will go nuts if she sees me pull out her collar and one of her little dresses because that means she gets to go. Amazing how little trips excite them so. My dog goes everywhere with me as long as there isn't food in the store.

  11. How Cute the sweater and the doggy is a cutie too !!!I sure do love my dog as he thinks he is human

  12. Scrapper is adorable, and his new coat is so cute! I don't know why anyone would abandon a dog (or any animal for that matter) I could never do it.

  13. So cute! What a sweet baby you have there. There's nothing like rescuing a pet! We have 3 rescued dogs and 3 rescued cats. We also have 6 pet chickens that live in the house :-)

    I've been looking for a pattern for a crochet dog sweater that I can make for my babies. This looks like a great one.

  14. Awww! Well, now he has a perfect home where he's spoiled with hand crocheted sweaters! It doesn't get any better than that!

  15. Awww, he's adorable! He looks like a poodle?

    Our beagle is a rescue dog, and I read that they are fiercely loyal because of it, as they know what it's like to be abandoned.

    Unfortunately our dog was abused, but we have given him lots of love and he has dropped most of his coping behaviors (except he still cowers now and then).

    My friend was watching our dogs for us, and she was trying to coax him into the hall to come into her room but he wouldn't do it. To small and confined and he doesn't feel safe, I guess.

    But he is a great guard dog! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  16. This sweater is just what I was looking to make for my little dog. I think I can even make this one!


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