Sunday, December 12, 2010

Expensive Packages Being Left at the Door Rant

This has really been bothering me lately.  Probably because we've been doing some ordering on the internet and that mean deliveries whether by UPS, Fedex or whoever.

Why are the drivers just leaving the packages by the door with no knock, ringing of the doorbell or any indication that they've been by.

I know a very special quilter who has had packages of fabric stolen right off her porch while she's been at work.

Thankfully, I'm home fulltime and the dogs usually let me know when a vehicle comes down the street.  Usually annoying but this time I was more annoyed at the delivery man.

I found this sitting outside my door.  No porch.  Just the graveled driveway.  In a slightly rainy/snowy mix.

We ordered it off as our Christmas gift to each other.  But look at it.  Anyone could tell what it was.  Anyone could have stopped and taken it if I hadn't been home, expecting it, and alerted by the hounds.

The same happened with my new laptop, but at least it was in a plain cardboard box.  Incognito.

I realize this is a busy season for the delivery people, but come on.  At least ring the bell.

P.S.  We checked to make sure the doorbell worked and it does!  We're flabbergasted.


  1. Thats NUTS!!! This is crazy too...
    Our UPS and FEDEX drivers make it here some nights at 10-10:30 PM!!! Besides that we has a package out for dilivery and we couldn't figure out why it said delivired... we checked outside and everything. I was going to call and complain in the morning when I remembered something I forgot in the truck. I opened the door of my FH's truck and WTHECK???? Our Package was "thrown" into our vehicle!! Are they even allowed to so that? My dog was inside and so was I and the kids.... they didn't even let us know they delivired..

  2. You could probably ask to have your packages delivered in such a way that they must be signed for. That way they would HAVE to knock or ring, or whatever to get you to the door.

  3. Call the companies, whether it's UPS, FedEx or whoever and complain. They are not allowed to do that. The packages must be signed for, so who is signing? I know this because I work for a branch of FedEx(No, we don't do home deliveries.) Call and complain.

  4. How frustrating. We have an awesome UPS driver and the Fed Ex driver rang the bell the other day when he was here. I'd definitely call...especially with a high priced item.

  5. I'm glad you got your package! That was so wrong to leave it sitting out like that.

    I ordered a bunch of things from Amazon, thinking I would get them sometime this WEEK that I was off work. They didn't come yet!! Now, I have to go back to work next week. I'm worried about that and may ask to work at home that day.


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