Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Women's Eyes Only ~ Important

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Today is the day.  I have been prepping myself all morning.

Showered, shaved my pits and my whole leg and not just below the knee, special attention to hair, painted nails.

Most importantly:  cute socks.

Anything it takes to make me feel a little bit more confident about stripping down and donning the paper gown.

You know the drill.  Scoot to the end of the table.  Relax the knees to the side.  "You might feel a little pressure and sorry if it is cold".  Count the tiles on the ceiling, think about what you're going to do this afternoon, make jokes, etc.  Anything to take your mind off what is actually going on "down there".

When I lived in York and was preganant with my first daughter, the OB/GYN actually had cute posters on the ceiling.  Quite diverting.

As soon as the room clears, I get dressed and out of there as quickly as I can.

Then I treat myself to some retail therapy.  After all, I deserve it after braving that ordeal.

A necessary evil.  Every year.

And because I make myself go through this yearly, I want to make sure that you also do.  It is very important that we, as women, do everything we can to be and stay healthly.

So, have you had your Pap Smear this year?  If not, why not pick up the phone and make that appointment right now?  For you, your family and your friends.

Besides, misery loves company...

P.S.  It's really not THAT 

P.P.S.  In 3 more years I GET to start having mammograms too!  Yeehaw!



  1. Oh Colletta, you are young. All sorts of fun tests and procedures waiting for you a few years down the road. :-)

  2. I still cringe at the thought! I had a total hysterectomy years ago and was told I only had to do that for a couple of years afterwards.

    The yearly mammogram happens to fall around my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!


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