Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Review: "White Christmas"

White Christmas

Movie Description

1954   NR   120 minutes

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye play war buddies turned entertainers who fall for a pair of sisters (Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen). The boys follow the girls to a resort, which is owned by their former commanding officer, and he's in danger of losing the place. What better reason to stage a show than to keep the resort out of hock?

Cast:Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, Dean Jagger, Mary Wickes, John Brascia, Anne Whitfield, George Chakiris
Director:Michael Curtiz
Genres:Classics, Classic Movie Musicals, Must-See Musicals, Paramount Home Entertainment
This movie is:Feel-good, Romantic, Sentimental
My Thoughts:
This is probably my all time favorite Christmas movie.  My mom and I have been watching it for as long as I can remember.  Every year.  We used to rent the video and then I finally bought the DVD.  It is one of my prized posessions. 
It is a tradtion with us.   Bake cookies, watch White Christmas.
I can quote it and sing along with all the songs but it still makes me all warm and gooey inside every time I watch it.  I even taught my girls the "Sisters" song.  And  "Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!"
If you've never seen White Christmas, poor thing!  It is a classic.
I'll be setting up a time with my mom this week for us to sit down and watch it with some nice hot tea and some cookies.
(BTW, my husband's favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas.  Did I really marry him?  Although I caught him watching White Christmas on TV the other day!)
Merry Christmas!


  1. I am such a poor thing, because I have never seen it - but now I have a really good reason to watch it!
    Hi, by the way, found your blog via the LBS and absolutely like the Christmas theme. Very festive!

  2. Hi . I have just popped over via LBS and love the Christmas theme also. That was such a good film to watch at this time of the year. I also love Wonderful Life with James Stewart.

  3. Thank you so much for the movie review and especially for introducing me to Jackie Evancho's beautiful voice. I'm Annie and have dropped by through the LBS tea party. Happy Holidays!

  4. We love love love white christmas in this house.! my husband knows all the words too - its one of his favorite all time movie!!

    enjoy your weekend!

    im your newest follower from the lady bloggers...come follow me back and lets keep in touch!!

  5. Love your review ... so easy for me, because this is one of MY favorite movies, too! Great pick!!! Stopping by from LBS - so nice to meet you!

  6. White Christmas is definitely one of my all time favorite CHristmas movies! That and Miracle on 34th Street :)

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers

  7. Now I'm tempted to hunt for that movie as well... I want to feel christamasy!!! :) That's a nice tradition you got there... so sweet..

    by the way i'm from LBS!!! Have a merry christmas!!! :)

  8. White CHristmas is played even when it isn't Christmas! I adore it. My Children have their favorite parts as well. Yep, It is not just a classic but one which you have to watch with hot tea and cookies. ;)

  9. White Christmas, The Bishop's Wife, It's a Wonderful Life, The Man Who Came for Dinner, and Elf - those are my season must-haves! Once I get "Sisters" in my head, I cannot stop humming it for hours:)

    Merry Christmas!


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