Saturday, December 11, 2010

TSMSS ~ Little Drummer Boy/Kaylee's Concert

Wednesday evening was Kaylee's Christmas Concert.  Here are a few pictures from the "big event".

Kaylee with some of the other 5th grade girls pre-performance.

Awww... Mom, do I have to?

Practicing one more time before curtain call...

On stage with the "big band".  The Elementary Band played one song with the High School Concert Band.  Kaylee is all the way to the right next to the girl in red.  See her?

The song they played all together was "Little Drummer Boy" and let me tell you, I have heard this song more times then I care to mention the last few weeks.  I admire her committment to practicing, I really do.  In fact I encourage it. 

But for one final time here it is:  This is NOT Kaylee playing but sounds just like her.  Now play it over and over and over and you'll know how I've been feeling the past few weeks!  lol

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  1. Ah, beginning band concerts! :) I was a bit envious of a friend who was going to her daughter's concert the other day... until I remembered that those first few concerts probably weren't so fun for the parents! :) It's all worth it though, playing an instrument is a great experience (I should get back into it!). If you aren't sick of The Little Drummer Boy yet you can hear a version with words on my TSMSS post for today. :) Thanks for sharing, I hope your daughter loves band as much as I did through school!


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