Friday, December 10, 2010

Feel Good Friday ~ 12/10/10

"Just make a list. List 5 things that made you really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things."

1.  We went to the tree farm last evening and got our Christmas tree!

2.  I got my laptop!

3.  Kaylee had her Christmas Concert Wednesday night and they did great!

4.  I finally got both bathrooms scrubbed!

5.  Doug and I had a day out yesterday.  Just the two of us!


  1. Congratulations! We got our Christmas tree on Monday but have yet to decorate it lol!

  2. Pretty Productive Week!!! The laptop was much more fun than the bathrooms. tee hee

  3. Congratulations on the Tree, laptop and more importantly time out just the two of you! Now can you come scrub my bathrooms Colletta? LOL

    jackie >_<

  4. Laptops are wonderful! I never thought I needed one until we got one and now it is indespensable!


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