Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting for Daybreak by Kathryn Cushman Discussion Questions

1. Are there times when it is appropriate, correct even, to do the “wrong thing for the right reason”? Do you think Paige’s actions ever fell into this category?

I don’t necessarily think are times when it is “correct” to do the “wrong thing” but I do think that at times it is the best decision that we can make at that point. I think Paige wanted to give Clarissa a second chance and thought that it would be taken to heart and the same mistakes would not continue to happen.

2. Do you think that lawsuits in our current medical system encourage cover-ups of mistakes? Should Paige have told Lee about her past when he offered to hire her?

Yes, I think many people expect doctors and medical professionals to be perfect and that is impossible. We live in a society that thinks money can make everything better and some people will take advantage of any opportunity to cash-in. Paige knew that what happened in the past wasn’t completely her fault and she also knew that she wouldn’t let it happen again. When Lee didn’t ask for references and her mother desperately needed money for cancer treatments, Paige just couldn’t ruin her chances at the job.

3. Paige finally acknowledged that she carried “3 percent” of the blame. Do you think she carried more or less? Have you ever carried more than your share of blame for something? How did you deal with it?

Paige was following the doctor’s directions. I don’t know that it would have been possible for her to call and check on every prescription that passed through her hands. I’ve carried more than my share of the blame for things that really couldn’t have been prevented. I don’t deal well with letting go of guilt. I tend to beat myself up pretty badly.

4. How is family important in the novel? How has family helped or hindered your own life and faith choices?

Paige’s motivation throughout the book was completely about helping her mother and father. Even the Richardson’s were a family that were very interconnected with each other. My family has been a great influence in my life. I was in a Christian family and have been so blessed. Of course, there are some times in life when I wish I leaved somewhere that nobody knew me.

5. Clarissa has a noble goal and she pursues it regardless of who is hurt in the process. Paige also has a noble goal, yet goes after it in a much gentler way. Do you think the difference is upbringing, personality, or spiritual beliefs?

I think for the most part it was upbringing. Clarissa kept using the expression “the Richardson way”. It was a way of dealing with things that had been taught to her throughout her life. Paige’s spirituality also was evident in how she dealt with situations. She prayed and was waiting on the Lord.

6. In times of crisis, has a specific Bible verse or other wisdom ever been of comfort to you? How did you discover it and what did it come to mean to you?

There are so many that I can’t pick just one verse. The entire book of Psalms has been a great comfort in difficult times. Reading the Bible and looking for the comfort it brings lead me to Psalms.

7. Have you every prayed, claimed, believed, yet did not receive what you asked for? Did it challenge or deepen you faith? Have you every prayed, claimed, believed and received? How did it affect your faith?

There have been times when I have not received what I’ve prayed for and at certain situations it really did challenge my faith. I’ve also received what I’ve prayed for and it confirmed my faith.

8. During a dark moment in your life, what did you do or how did you manage to make it to your “daybreak”?

Only through prayer and the support of my family and Christian family. Specifically my Christian sisters.

9. Have you lived or worked with a person like Clarissa’s grandfather who pushes, sometimes to hard, for results? Did this motivate you? Frustrate you?

Yes, and I have to say that sometimes it motivated and sometimes it frustrated. I think it probably depended on my attitude at the time.

I enjoyed this book. I know the main story was about the two women but I would have liked a little more romance thrown in. It was there just around the corner and I kept waiting for it to jump out. Kind of like real life, huh?

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