Sunday, November 8, 2009

1st place Journal: Thankful "in", not "for".

My First Place 4 Health group started a new study today. It is a "holiday Bible study", Light and Healthy Holidays.

Instead of study questions each day, there is a journal question each day.

A Thankful Heart by Carole Lewis

Journal Question:

Is there something going on in your life right now that you can give thanks "in" but not "for"? Write about the situation now and know that if you give thanks, God will take you to the other side of the circumstances in power and victory.

My house is always a mess. Iknow this sounds like a petty circumstance, but thank God there is nothing major going on right now.

I have a two year-old. I am very thankful for her. However, I am not thankful for the disaster areas that follow in her wake. her bedroom is a land mine. Everything from toys, clothes, pull-up diapers, cups, plates, forks, spoons, eggs (yes, a carton of eggs), the milk and chocolate syrup (she was making herself chocolate milk), etc. I think that paints the picture pretty well.

The family room is also a dumping ground but everyone in the family is to blame for that one. (Except me, of course.)

Don't even get me started on the dogs! I've recently had to replenish my collection of Pampered Chef Bamboo spoons and turners. Apparently, my dogs didn't have enough bamboo in their diet.

If I lived alone, my house would be spotless. Then again, maybe not. But I couldn't even imagine life without my family. Yes, even the dogs.

So, I won't give thanks "for" the mess. I'll just give thanks "in" the mess. Everyday!

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