Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its OK ~ 7/26/12

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK

...that is really storming today!

...for me to go back to bed for a bit.

...that getting Kaylee up for band camp this week has reminded me what school mornings are like.

...that this school year I'll have two non-morning girls to get up for school.

...for me to plan on enjoying my alone time :) love watching beach volleyball at the Olympics!

...that I also love the swimming comps and gymnastics!

...that I can hardly find my desk under all the mess. plan on someday getting the house organized.

...that it won't be today!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Ah! gymnastics is my favorite thing to watch! :)good luck with your non-morning girls this year!

  2. Ha I'm slowly working on a deep clean of my house right now, it's taken me a bit to get motivated but it feels so nice!

  3. haha life is too short to be so organized, right?

    happy friday! come say hi at!


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