Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Blogging Challenge ~ Staying Warm ~ 1/19/2022

This week's topic is:  

Inventive Ways to Keep Warm:

This prompt made me chuckle!

We're in the midst of some major winter weather here in Southern Pennsylvania.  I'm talking snow, ice and super cold temperatures which makes this prompt very appropriate :)

The obvious way to keep warm is to turn up the thermostat on the furnace.  Other than that, here a few ideas:

~put on a sweater/socks/etc.  Layers, people!
~use a portable heater
~add another blanket to the bed
~talk your pet into laying on your feet to keep them warm

I really don't know if any of these are "inventive" but there you go :)

Do you have any inventive ways to keep warm?  



  1. I mean, I don't think my answers were particularly inventive either, but these definitely have the advantage of being reliable and easy to implement. Also? Snorgling with pets is always the right answer. Just ask my dog.

  2. Well I hit the hot tub....haha the only problem is getting back to the house!

  3. Wish ST would enjoy siting with me. She will occasionally , but normally she prefers to sit with my husband. (a lot of that might have to do with I'm always working with the laptop in my lap!)

  4. Snuggling with pets - absolutely. If only mine did it more often.


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