Friday, February 5, 2021

Hey, It's Okay ~ 2/6/2021

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Hey, It's Okay...

...that Laken laid the guilt trip on big time because nobody wanted to go out and play in the snow with her.  She loves the snow and is a true winter baby but everybody else would rather be snuggly warm inside the house...

...that I didn't realize my sister-in-law was turning 50 on her birthday.  I thought she was turning 49!  If I would have known it was 50 I would have gotten her something more spectacular for her gift :(

...that I love putting the edges of a puzzle together but then get bored.

...that I get really excited about turning the page on my wall calendar!  Hello, February 2021!

...for me to get excited when I see the countdowns to Spring on Facebook!

...for me to be overly anxious when my oldest baby, Kaylee, is driving in inclement weather.  I don't like it all!

...that I'm almost 43 years old and still get huge pimples on my chin sometimes :( take lots of pictures of my puppies!  Kona loves to dig in the snow :)

What are you "Okay" with?


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  1. I have done the same thing with my is sitting there waiting on me to finish it. I seem to have lost my energy for it. 1000 pieces is a bit too big for me I think. I used to have the same problem with a pimple on my cheek next to my nose or on my chin.(Especially after eating chocolate). Probably after menopause you will do better. Or change your face soap. I used to use Dove, but changed to a homemade goat's milk with lavender and essential oils in it, and my complexion is SO much better. Haven't had a pimple since I started using that soap. Just a thought! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend, and go play in the snow while it lasts!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to give that a try :)

  2. I’m 42 and spots are still a problem! Helps me still think I’m a teenager though!

  3. I still get pimples as well and I hate them. I'm like, hello, I'm not a teen anymore! You have a gorgeous calendar!


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