Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh So Thankful ~ 1/17/13

This nasty flu is making the rounds very forcefully through our family.  First, Kaylee was down.  Then Laken went down.  Now, I'm feeling horrible and the hubby is probably next.  It seems like we just got over the last wave of sickness!

I kept Kaylee home from school last Friday.  She was feeling terrible.  I was hoping that a long weekend of rest of would be enough to get her over it.  She pretty much laid around all weekend and even missed a friend's birthday party, so you know it had to be bad.  When she wasn't feeling better Monday, I kept her home and started trying to get her in to see the pediatrician.  The phone rang busy for over 2 hours!  Finally, I got through and they scheduled her for 4:45pm.  It turns out she has bronchitis!  So off to the pharmacy we went and waited 45 minutes to get an antibiotic filled.
When we got home, Doug and Laken were sitting on the couch watching TV.  Laken pretty much stayed in that spot the entire evening until bedtime.  Her feet and hands were hot to the touch which is a first indicator with our girls that they are getting sick.
Needless to say, it wasn't a very restful night.  Doug was working night shift and both girls ended up in bed with me.  Plus the dog...
I remember when I was little, I would always want to sleep in with my parents when I was sick.  Just something about being with them made me feel just a little bit better.  I couldn't turn my girls away so a bed full of germs it was.
Now, both girls are on antibiotics, feeling much better and back in school.  I hate when they are sick and am thankful they are on the mend.
I'll be even more thankful when I'm feeling better, too.

I also want to mention how thankful I am for my BCF (best cousin forever), Steph, who turned the big 2-5 yesterday!  Love ya!
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut
What are you thankful for this week?

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