Saturday, January 12, 2013

TSMSS ~ Where I Belong ~ 1/13/13

This world is not where we belong.  One day we will all go "Home".  This song says it all.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Hi Colletta! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you had your post up! GREAT SONG! This is just wonderful!

    I wrote Amy and asked her if she would like someone to take over, or maybe help her out and give her some time... but I have not heard anything. I left that in her comments. If you would like to temporarily link up through your place, we can do that! I will gladly spread the word!

    I hate to lose this great meme, but I also don't want to to step on her toes. She has been so wonderful to let me come by and visit here and there. :)

    Maybe just a temporary place until she is ready to come back online. And... we can be praying for our Amy in case something is major wrong. :/

    Tänia of Simply God's Girl

  2. Love this song! One of my faves!

  3. I love that this isn't our home....Just give me Jesus!! Thanks for stopping by..and I'll link up too while we pray for Amy. let us know!

  4. I have not been a regular online so she does not really know me. I would hate for her to think I was stealing her meme. LOL! Maybe we can start a new one that is similar and when she comes back, just go back to that one. Let me think on that.

    Simply God's Girl


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