Monday, January 7, 2013

Listicles ~ Unchanged ~ 1/7/13

"10 Things I'm NOT Going to Change in 2013"

1.  Reading as many books as possible.

2.  My addiction to DVR.

3.  The paint color in any of the rooms of my house.  We did that last year :)

4.  Vehicles.  (Unless something unforeseen should happen)

5.  My commitment to God. 

6.  My love for my family.

7.  The number of animals we currently have!

8.  My address.

9.  The prerogative to change my mind :)

10.  My underwear.  JUST KIDDING!!!!  LOL


Happy Monday!


  1. I've suddenly noticed I hate every wall paint colour in my house. Crap.

    Love, love the DVR --- only here we call it PVR. not sure what the difference is: but it sure fills up quick. It's amazing what I will watch sometimes now just because I can record it at 3 am.

  2. Number 5 is a great one! Sadly, I'm not sure exactly how I survived before DVR and I wish I could say I'm not going to change any wall colors but I think I've already decided to paint my kitchen...AGAIN. And probably the living room!

  3. Just skip the undies altogether. Then there is no need to change!

    Great list!

  4. You made me laugh. You live in your dream home, why change?

  5. I always have trouble with the reading/blogging/dvr balance. So hard to make time for it all!


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