Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hodgepodge ~ Super Duper ~ 1/30/13

Joyce's Hodgepodgey Questions:

1. In the USA this coming Sunday millions will be watching as the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49's in the Superbowl. What was the last event you attended that could be described as super?

My oldest daughter's baptism in July :)  Before that it would have been the birth of my nephew, Dex, in March :)

2. Share something you're a fan of these days?

I am a fan of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine!  yummm.....

3. How do you feel about wings? In case anyone is confused, I'm talking the edible appetizer kind. What's your preferred seasoning on a wing-hot, mild, teryiaki, sweet and sour, other? Do you make your own or is there a favorite place you like to go for wings?

I do NOT eat wings!  Just the thought of gnawing on carcass is enough to make me want to puke!  I only get boneless chicken breast.  Now my husband and youngest daughter are huge fans of wings, though.

4. As long as we're talking sports today...have you followed the Lance Armstrong story? Did you watch his interview with Oprah and if so what was your reaction to his confession and subsequent remarks?

I didn't watch his interview so I have a very limited view point.  It disappoints me that he basically cheated his way to all those wins and being a national hero.  But, we are all human and I admire his confession although I thought it could have come sooner.

5. What's a question you hate to be asked?

"What are some of your good qualities?"  I hate "tooting my own horn".

6. The coaches in this Sunday's big game happen to be real life brothers. Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49er's and his older brother John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens. Were you and your sibling(s) competitive? In what way? Are you still? If you're an only child how did you handle competition growing up?

My brother and I weren't competitive, exactly.  He is only 18 months older than me and got straight A's.  It was always a goal of mine to keep up with him in the grades area.  And I must say that I did and then some! Bam!  So much for the tooting of the horn!  lol

7. What's your favorite game involving a ball and when did you last play?

I love going out in the yard with the girls and throwing the softball and helping them with their batting.  The last time we did that was last summer.  I also love to take the dogs out in the yard and play "fetch".  It has only been a day or two since we did that :)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I am so ready for spring/summer!

Let's get hodgepodgey!


  1. I haven't had Ovaltine in ages! My new favorite cocoa mix comes from a company called King mom gave me some for Christmas and it's scrumptious.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I am don't like to gnaw on 'carcass'...but you eat boneless?!! Boneless is still part of the carcass.

    Lance A is human, yes, I agree, but he still did cheat, and he has to pay for that.

  3. I much prefer "boneless" wings over the real thing, too! I used to love tossing the softball around to my girls when they played years ago...miss those days.

    1. I can't wait to get outside with them! My oldest will be playing Jr. High Softball this year!

  4. I am with you on the Spring/Summer arrival. I can hardly wait.


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