Monday, January 14, 2013

Listicles ~ Best Movies EVER! ~ 1/14/13

"My Top 10 11 Favorite Movies of All Time"

1.  Quiggly Down Under (I love me some Tom Selleck!)

2.  Braveheart (An epic movie that I've watched time and again!)

3.  White Christmas (A must watch every year!)

4.  First Knight (Love the costumes!)

5.  Sabrina (The newer version with Julia Ormond)

6.  The Patriot (Gets me every time!)

7.  Pride and Prejudice (Any version.)

8.  Legend of the Fall (Younger Brad Pitt AND Aiden Quinn AND Anthony Hopkins!)

9.  Wish Upon a Star (Special movie to me and my best cousin Steph :)

10.  Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (amazing soundtrack!)

11.  Dances with Wolves (Another Kevin Costner great!)

Did I miss any that you think should be on the list?


Happy Monday!


  1. Ooooh Pride and Prejudice! Good choice :)

  2. I have got to watch The Patriot. So many actors and actresses I like are in it.

  3. Love Tom Selleck but wasn't fond of that movie. I have been watching the Jessie Stone movies--over and over. And over. LOL Braveheart made me so mad I won't watch it ever again. Same with The Patriot. Not that they weren't good movies, they just upset me a lot. White Christmas- LOVE it! Same with Pride and Prejudice (YES to any version)and Legends of the Fall and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves! I can think of a few more but your list is fabulous!

  4. I'm a snob for Pride and Prejudice - it has to be the BBC version. Which is not entirely fair, since I've never watched the one with Keira Knightley. I just couldn't get over how wrong it seemed.

  5. All great movies! But I do prefer the Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn in it.

  6. Tom Selleck is the dude. I see a romantic theme here!


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