Friday, January 4, 2013

Fitness Friday ~ Resolution and January 5K ~ 1/4/13

On New Year Day, I walked my first 5K  in 2013 as a participant in these events:

It was a cold, cold 30 Degrees.  Then I saw one person that had done their 5K in -11 degrees.  Yes, that is a negative!  So inspiring.

This picture taken just after I finished.  It is a bit dark.

Here's my breakdown:

1st - 20 minutes
2nd- 21 minutes
3rd- 20 minutes

Total Time:  1:01

I was hoping to get under 1 hour but I'm pretty happy just to have finished that third lap.

Mark me down for 1/13 5K's!  whoohoo!


Daily Exercise Summary:

Fri, 12/28/12 - In between snow showers, I got out and walked.  I had to watch for icy patches on the road but it wasn't too bad.  Very cold but my new neck-warmer I made kept me toasty warm and I could pull it up over my mouth/nose when needed.   Dist. = 2 miles

Sat, 12/29/12 - Off.  House Cleaning and laundry.

Sun, 12/30/12 - Off.  Church and family time.

Mon, 12/31/12 - Cold, cold walk today.  I kept my neckwarmer up over my mouth and nose the entire time.  I almost stopped after 1 mile but kept going.  The 2nd mile felt better than the first so I'm glad I didn't cave :)  Dist. = 2 miles

Tues, 1/1/13 - Resolution/January 1 5K.  Cold and windy.  Brrrrr....  See above for more details.  Dist:  3.1 miles (AKA 5K)

Wed, 1/2/13 -  Sad, sad day.  No desire :(

Thurs, 1/3/13 - 22 degrees but the sun was shining brightly with nary a cloud in the sky!  Dist. = 2 miles

Total Miles This Week:  9 miles
Total Miles in 2013:  5 miles


Friday Weigh-In

1st Goal = T - 10 lbs

12/28/12 = Weighed in for starting weight.  Felt like crawling back under the covers!
1/4/13 = -2 lbs

Total Lost:  2 lbs


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